The Ultimate Pleasure / I Am Always Ready (1977/1978)

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I am alwasy ready dvd

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: May 25, 1977 / 1979

DVD Release: August 12, 2014

Director: Carlos Tobalina


Review by James Klein

Vinegar Syndrome’s Peekarama series continues with a double feature of two Carlos Tobalina films both containing the one and only John C. Holmes. Though both films are short, John is definitely not.

The Ultimate Pleasure (1977)

First off is The Ultimate Pleasure which should have been called The Ultimate Bore. While a few moments made me laugh or were amusing, the film is just one big orgy which after awhile, becomes sleep inducing.

Ultimate PleasureTis a shame since the opening is so bizarre and unsettling as it features a bunch of people fucking in front of a screen with street footage of San Francisco playing for God knows what reason. The music is also rather creepy, sounding like a blend of a John Carpenter score mixed what sounded like music lifted from Creepshow. Of course my hopes went up thinking I was in for some weird fuck film but was quickly let down.

The very basic plot is about a cab driver (Peter Ace) having marital problems with his hot wife (Priscilia St. James). She goes to see a doctor (Nina Fause) who hypnotizes her in believing she’s getting fucked by some guy in a mask, then has lesbian sex, and finishes it all up in a bukkake party with John Holmes in the mix. If only all of our wives would go see this doctor…

Nina FauseThe cab driver in the meantime finds a suitcase filled with money left by a dying person(?). He decides he can use this money to fulfill his and his wife’s sexual fantasies.

The movie doesn’t make much sense although it tries to. Maybe if the film was more bizarre or tried harder at being weird it may have been entertaining. I will say I find Priscilia St. James super hot and love her  “girl next door” look. I have no problem seeing her get covered in trouser gravy.

The Ultimate PleasureOh and just because I am a film nerd, I wanted to point out that this movie was released the same day as Star Wars.

I Am Always Ready (1978)

If anyone thinks that adult films in the 70’s focused more on story or plot than they do nowadays, they must have never seen I Am Always Ready which a much better title would have been I Am Really Bored.

Ronnie Ross (her only on screen appearance in anything) plays a woman who just inherits a small fortune. She decides she is going to produce an adult film and cast her favorite adult film actor, the mighty John Holmes.

I am Always ReadyThe rest of the film is just fucking. Non stop fucking. I Am Always Ready tries to be a film within a film by showing camera men in the back ground or someone screaming, “Action” off in the distance. Don’t be fooled, this is not a making of an adult film, its all set up. After one sex scene finishes, another one starts right up. It also doesn’t help that Ronnie Ross is not an attractive woman at all.

John C HolmesThere are only a few quick seconds of strange moments such as the camera man suddenly joining in on the fun wearing a brown paper bag over his head while chowing down on some box. I did laugh a little when a bored looking Ronnie Ross tells her cameraman to, “Zoom in on her cunt.” and a few other odd directorial choices she blurts out. Still not even close to recommending this snoozer though.

Vinegar Syndrome I am always readyVinegar Syndrome’s DVD looks pretty decent although I Am Always Ready does fall out of sync at one point near the beginning when John Holmes meets the husband of the woman he’s banging. It doesn’t last long but still annoying to see. The picture also looks a bit blurry at times as well, thus looking very soft. The Ultimate Pleasure looks much more clear and crisp. Both films come with a trailer (even the overlong I Am Always Ready trailer over stays its welcome).

69The Ultimate Pleasure Rating: ★★☆☆☆

I Am Always Ready Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

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