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The Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie (1989)

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toxic avenger part III blu ray

Studio: Troma

Theatrical Release: November 24, 1989

Blu Ray Release: May 12, 2015

Director(s): Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz


Review by James Klein

Shot simultaneously with the third installment offers some of the same old jokes and gags as well as a few gory sequences that were EDITED out of this blu ray release. That’s right folks, while you receive the unrated DVD along with the blu ray, the actual blu ray release is the much edited R rated version. But more on that later.

Like the second film, the opening of The Toxic Avenger Part III blows its load much too soon as the film opens up with a holdup at a video store where Toxie comes to the rescue dispatching the villains in some gruesome ways (which are severely edited on the blu ray…grrrr…). While this scene is ridiculous and much more comic booky than some of the past action scenes in the other two films, at least this sequence is entertaining and somewhat fun.

Toxic Avenger part IIIThis time our hero can’t seem to get a job since the town of Troma has now been cleaned up of crime. Toxie tries to become an insurance salesman but fails. His blind girlfriend Claire (played again by the over-the-top Phoebe Legere) finds out that she can regain her sight but neither her nor Toxie have the money to afford the surgery. Depressed and hopeless, Toxie begins to feel suicidal until he stumbles upon an ad by the evil company Apocalypse Inc. lead by the sinister Chairman (Rick Collins).

Toxie begins to work for the corrupt corporation as the spokesperson for the company, unbeknownst to him that the company is forcing the Tromaville citizens to be slaves by working for their nuclear company. Toxie even changes and starts to act like a Hollywood agent, much to Claire’s dismay. Toxie does acquire the money to get Claire her surgery. Upon receiving her eyesight, she finds Toxie gorgeous and the two make sweet nuclear love (in the series most tamest sex scene).

Toxic Avenger IIIWhen Toxie realizes that he is being used and stands up against the Chairman, he finds out the Chairman is actually the Devil himself. The remainder of the film is Toxie fighting against the Devil which should have been more gruesome or at least darker than it actually is. Much of the remaining climax is just too silly and childish, playing more like a bad comic book movie than a satirical horror film.

The Toxic Avenger Part IIIWhile the special make-up effects for the Devil look decent at times, the film is an ultimate bore with most of the jokes aimed at children. I don’t need to see Toxie taking a dumb anymore (the joke was done already in part II) or him putting out a fire with his pee. The over the top humor is just too self aware in my opinion and that just doesn’t make me laugh. It’s like the kid at school who would laugh at his own jokes.

The Toxic Avenger part III The Last temptation of ToxieNow lets get to the blu ray…what the fuck is Troma doing? First off the picture sucks. There are two black lines that are dead center in the middle of the frame for maybe a couple of minutes near the opening of the film which causes some major distraction. The colors are muted and the the picture is not much clearer than the old DVD. The sound doesn’t fair much better either. At one point, the sound stops (it’s during a moment where Toxie and Claire are in bed) and this loud popping noise is suddenly heard. It goes on for about 20 seconds and is never heard from again. And the fact that Troma decided to make an HD version of an edited cut of the film…this makes no sense to me. Thankfully, the unrated film is included as a DVD but if one already owns the DVD, there is no reason to pick up this blu ray.

toxic Avenger part III last temptation of toxieThe blu ray does have some nice special features such as a new introduction by Lloyd Kaufman, Kaufman at the Museum of Modern Art in 2014, a featurette with Kaufman on the set of an indie horror film called Old 37, a rather funny take of a Christmas Carol called A Halloween Carol with Kaufman playing the Scrooge character, an infomercial for the release of Rabid Grannies on blu ray, trailers, and two audio commentaries with one featuring actor Joe Flieshaker and the other featuring Kaufman which is both insightful and also extremely funny. His commentaries have always been a blast to listen to.

toxic devilThe Toxic Avenger series had turned overly silly and tame after each entry and this installment for me was the worst in the series. While it has a few minor laughs and a decent opening, the film plays like a cheap children’s comic book superhero movie filled with bathroom humor.

Movie Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Blu Ray Rating: ★½☆☆☆

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