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Super Soul Brother (1978)

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super soul brother dvd

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: December 22, 1978

DVD Release: April 14, 2015

Director: Rene Martinez


Review by James Klein

While the 1970’s had its fair share of blaxploitation films like Superfly, Shaft, Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song, and Foxy Brown there was one that definitely fell off the radar…Supersoul Brother. By far one of the cheapest and most inept blaxploitation film I have ever seen however, this doesn’t necessarily make it bad. In fact, I had a ball watching this and actually viewed it twice before writing this review. Maybe I couldn’t believe what I had just seen.

Now before we get into the plot of the movie, this movie isn’t called Supersoul Brother. I think this title was tacked on the DVD cover by Vinegar as the film is really titled The Six Thousand Dollar Ni…well, you can figure it out. Rumor has it the film was originally going to be called Black Superman which may have been the best of the three the titles.

super soul brotherFilmed in Miami, FL (I love my cheap regional exploitation films) Supersoul Brother introduces the viewer to Bob, Jim and Dr. Dippy whose played by little person Peter Conrad (he had a SMALL role in Porky’s and Porky’s II: The Next Day) who happens to steal the film whenever he’s on screen thanks to his bizarre haircut and odd looking face. Dr. Dippy has created a serum that can give animals and humans superhuman strength but the test subject dies within a week after receiving the serum. Jim and Bob have devised a plan to steal thousands of dollars worth of jewels by using a test subject who has been injected with the serum. Bob’s brilliant idea: find a wino to use as the test subject, that way no one will notice or even care once he dies within a week.

supersoul brotherThis is when the star of the picture is introduced. After getting beaten up by a bunch of thugs, wino Steve (played by notorious comedian “Wildman” Steve Gallon) is rescued by Bob and taken to Dr. Dippy so he can be checked over and prepared for his serum. As Steve starts asking questions while getting himself worked up, Bob distracts Steve by giving him a new home, fancy clothes, money, and his own maid who will do anything for Steve. Once Steve is happy, he is willing to do anything to help the fellas out.

six thousand dollar n1ggerSupersoul Brother is an odd film because the movie is mostly a buildup to the heist, focusing on Steve changing his life around. When given the serum, he asks Bob to take him back to the ghetto so he can find the guys who beat him up and get his revenge. Most of the film is “Wildman” Steve throwing out zingers (some work, some fall flat) while screaming and hollering and making funny faces.

wildman steveBut what makes Supersoul Brother so hysterial is how cheap and badly made the entire film is. There are several continuity errors and mistakes as well as actors forgetting their dialog, staring blankly while hoping another actor will cover it up or ad-lib something. It was obvious there was no script as everyone repeats lines, looks confused or tries desperately to move the story forward. My favorite is when someone asks a question about what is happening at that moment and the response is, “Never mind that now” or “We’ll get to that later”. Even better, two actors will start speaking at once and then they both stop, not knowing what to do next.

Vinegar super soul brotherHere are a few of my favorite lines uttered in the movie:

“Baby I took a shower last Tuesday two weeks ago.”

“Wash my butt, Momma!”

“Yeah I saw that nice white ass.”

“Drawers? N—ers don’t wear drawers!”

“Man, I feel like I can kick King Kong’s black ass.”

“I’m gonna drink this shit!”

There is no question about it, SuperSoul Brother is amateur hour and pretty awful. I think little children with an iphone can make a better movie. However, SuperSoul Brother is very entertaining and if you allow yourself to have fun by laughing with and at it, it’s a real good time.

Rene Martinez' Super soul brotherVinegar’s DVD may not look too good but judging by the clips of the film on youtube, this DVD certainly looks like a blu ray compared to those clips. While there is major print damage, the colors are bright and the image is clear. The sound may be difficult to hear but that’s only because of the budget of the film and in no way a fault of the DVD. There are no special features, not even a trailer. I guess one should be thankfully the movie is finally available on DVD.

six 1,000 dollar n1ggerHere’s a test: how will you know if SuperSoul Brother is for you? There is a close up shot of Steve’s confused face as bullets bounce off his blank expression which were obviously little rocks posing as bullets, thrown at him off screen. If you think that is funny or even have an inkling of wanting to see how awful that looks, you need to see SuperSoul Brother.

Movie Rating: ★★★½☆

DVD Rating: ★★½☆☆

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