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Champagne For Breakfast (1980)

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champagne for breakfast dvd

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1980

DVD Release: February 10, 2015

Director: Chris Warfield


Review by James Klein

Those looking for a little romance in their adult film, a little love story thrown in while watching some fucking, look no further than Champagne For Breakfast. This adult romantic comedy, while different in tone, is just another run of the mill adult film.

The very cute Leslie Bovee (Lustful Feelings and Starlet Nights) stars in the title role of Champagne, an ad executive who has recently been promoted , beginning her new career as a big head honcho at her company. While other women at her place of work use men for sex, she decides to stay single while searching for the man of her dreams.

Leslie BoveeJohn Leslie (The Exotic Adventures of Candy and Pretty Peaches) is Harry, a down on his luck bachelor who is out in the streets looking for a job. After stumbling into a nightclub looking for a job as a bouncer (he fucks the owner and her lesbian partner until he freaks out because they are gay, the horror!), he decides to apply for a chauffeur job that Champagne is searching for. Knowing he could most likely get the job if he was gay, Harry decides to fake his way into the position of chauffeur and personal assistant for Champagne while also falling in love with his new boss.

champagne for breakfastWill Champagne be upset once she finds out that Harry isn’t gay? Will the two fall romantically in love with one another? Will Harry cover Champagne’s face with his own home made bubbly?

Champagne For Breakfast is a strange film as its shot like a sitcom with the same type of sitcom humor. It even utilizes the same type of musical soundtrack as a sitcom. While the story unfolds into a love story between a rich business woman and her down on his luck employee, the film still has time to throw in random sex scenes that serve no purpose to the plot. I would rather have had a more obvious attempt at making fun of the sitcom genre instead of embracing it. An interesting side note is that the film was re-released in an R rated format, adding in some non sex scenes (which are on this DVD as a special bonus) to fill in for the short running time. I cannot imagine sitting thru an R rated version of this film. The humor works better when the viewer knows they are watching a hardcore adult film disguised as a romantic comedy. Once the sex is taken out, the film would just be lifeless.

chris warfieldLeslie Bovee who I find very attractive for an adult actress proves she was also one of the better actresses in the adult world at the time. John Leslie is also very funny as the charismatic Harry who also was a damn fine actor in the adult world. Their scenes do work well, actually having some chemistry with one another. But is one really looking for a romantic comedy when searching for something to jack off to? Clocking in at 102 minutes, this silly adult film overstays its welcome by the half way mark. Not even a guy drinking beer out of a woman’s asshole could keep me awake.

beer for breakfastThe opening credits for Champagne For Breakfast looks a little rough but once the credits end, the picture instantly clears up (although a few shots suddenly look a bit murky and zoomed in) and looks pretty good for the most part. Vinegar continues to pump out some stellar work and the 1:78:1 widescreen transfer looks amazing. The 1.0 mono soundtrack is fine and can be heard without any issues. Not only does the DVD have extra scenes included but it also contains both the R and XXX trailers of the film. While forgettable and dull, Champagne For Breakfast has been given a great transfer by the folks at Vinegar Syndrome.

john leslieMovie Rating: ★★☆☆☆

DVD Rating: ★★★☆☆

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