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Tinto Brass: Maestro Of Erotica Cinema (2014)

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Tino Brass blu ray

Studio: Cult Epics

Theatrical Release(s): 2000, 2002, 2003, 2006 (Italy)

Blu Ray Release: August 12, 2014

Director: Tinto Brass

Not Rated

Review by Travis North

This Blu Ray set from Cult Epics cover four of later era Tinto Brass nudity fests. This collection is literally busting at the seams like an undersize bra; the case can barely close tight. So right away you know you are getting quite a bit of content for your purchase. I’ll tackle the reviews in chronological order.

Cheeky! (2000)

Carla is a hot piece of Euro ass who misses her boyfriend Matteo. Matteo suffers from severe jealousy (a common theme in this set), which considering the amount of people who throw themselves at Carla isn’t exactly unfounded. This is a sex comedy, and it succeeds at both counts. Graphic non-stop total nudity combined with puerile jokes that of course had me laughing. Reading the subtitled dialogue is funny enough, but switching over to the English dub just puts this over the top into adult hilarity.

All of Tinto’s plots are pretty threadbare, but I have to admit I was impressed at his compositions and direction. While this could be dismissed as just porn (there is no actual phallic penetration, but pretty much everything up to this included) it would be a disservice to his cinematic skills. Combine lush cinematography with dick and butthole jokes that leave weak unfunny garbage like Porky’s in the dust and you have something unique.

Black Angel (2002)

I was riding high after watching Cheeky, and I was pretty psyched to watch Black Angel. I was expecting some solid Nazisploitation with competent direction. Unfortunately one only gets the latter. Don’t go in hoping for a glossy SS Hell Camp.

Livia is an aging nympho who falls for a Nazi officer in the late years of World War II. She spends the majority of the film cheating on her husband and trying to find a way for her and her lover to escape the war. Of course things don’t end as she expected.

Black Angel is seriously overlong at 124 minutes that even the supple natural female flesh on display can’t keep me interested. The intentional comedy is sorely missed. It’s hard to take this seriously when it includes slow motion shots of the couple running into the ocean, dick and balls flopping around (also in Cheeky, so Tinto must really enjoy these shots). At least the keen eye of Brass is still on display though. I love his professional looking shots that eventually end up zooming in and holding on a plump fanny as the dialogue continues. Tinto likes ass.

Private (2003)

Thankfully this entry goes back to comedy, but a little change of pace in that this is a sex anthology with 6 stories. So if you get bored with one skimpy plot of a couple arguing about their sex life, or a cuckolded husband, or a man’s non-stop attempt to shit stab his wife, you are on to the next story. Tinto helpfully lets you know when each segment is over by using a circle fade, including one on a woman’s balloonknot.

Once again the nudity (still pretty much all natural for the 2000s!) is wall to wall and the dialogue is completely hilarious. One weird new element is that most cocks are enormous as well as being plastic. I’m not sure if that’s weird or funny. A good rebound after the dull Black Angel.

Monamour (2006)

Unfortunately the last feature is back to being more of a drama versus a comedy. Marta and Dario are a married couple with a fizzling sexual spark. She is complexly horny, but Dario is too wrapped up in his work to even notice. When they do scrog it’s ten second of missionary, which obviously isn’t going to cut it for Marta. So she’s forced into the arms of a lecherous, scummy Frenchman who is more than happy to bang her tits off. Dario slowly suspects something is wrong, and when the dope finally figures it out with the help of Marta’s confessional diary, he responds by violently ravaging his wife.

This is what passes for a happy ending in Tinto Brass’ world. All the familiar themes are present, but the direction is starting to get more pedestrian. There are still some attention grabbing shots, but not as frequent as the previous films.

This set also contains a very nice booklet with liner notes and a good filmography. The picture of all the films looks great. You’d worry that high definition might end up showing off too many stretchmarks, pimples, etc., but the softness of film which really showcases the actresses physical talents but still allowing you to pick out each strand of massive pussyhair blowout. If that weren’t enough, there is still a fifth disc! This is a DVD of a full length informative documentary of Brass’s 2001-2004 output.

While I certainly preferred the sex comedies which are only half of the set’s content, that shouldn’t stop you from purchasing. The set itself is completely loaded and the films present the work of an auteur.

Cheeky! Rating: ★★★½☆
Black Angel Rating: ★★½☆☆
Private Rating: ★★★½☆
Monamour Rating: ★★½☆☆

Blu Ray Rating: ★★★★★

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