The Party Animal (1984)

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Studio: MGM

Theatrical Release: January 1985 (USA)

DVD-R Release: December 16, 2014

Director: David Beaird


Review by James Klein

While watching The Party Animal on Easter Sunday morning, I couldn’t stop thinking what a missed opportunity it was to not have seen this back in 1985. My pre-pubescent body would have spontaneously combust. This would have been the most talked about movie for at least a week during recess. The Party Animal has everything a young, horny little boy would have loved: boobs, farting, fast-motion antics, and inappropriate jokes. Clocking in at just 77 minutes, The Party Animal is filled with nostalgia, an era where the sex comedy had a certain raunchy innocence about them.

The Party AnimalPondo Sinatra (Matthew Causey) is a southern boy who arrives to his new college in the back of a turnip truck. Social awkward with a very horny dick, Pondo’s only friend is chick magnet Studly (Timothy Carhart who I recognized as the stuffy violinist in Ghostbusters) who tries to help his room mate any way he can in getting a girl. Pondo’s antics are completely off the wall, hilariously stupid and downright immature. Pondo tries to woo a young foreign student with poetry. Not being able to come up with anything original or remotely romantic, he blurts out, “Roses are red, violets are blue. You have big titties and I wanna suck on them too.”

party animalPondo’s lack of people skills keeps getting him into more hot water as he tries everything from acting like a black guy (for sensitive viewers, this scene now comes off as pretty insensitive and un-PC) a drug dealer, a punk rocker, and even portraying a woman so he can infiltrate the girls dorm by convincing these naive ladies to play strip poker. Maybe my favorite moment is when he buys this gigantic vibrator that goes out of control and starts flying him all over the girls dorm. Mind you this is done in a Benny Hill-type manner as the camera is sped up. Although I admit it was dumb, I laughed pretty hard at this.

Pondo SinatraPondo finally gets the girl by creating a special potion in the school’s science lab that turns him into a walking aphrodisiac. After banging every woman in sight, Pondo starts to get sick of being the class stud and just wants to be left alone. Even the dean’s gay secretary can’t keep his hands off Pondo. The ending had me laughing and scratching my head as Pondo literally gets fucked to death and is reincarnated into a rabbit. I’m not kidding.

mgm's party animalOne will like The Party Animal if movies like Porky’s, Screwballs, Hardbodies, My Tutor, Revenge of the Nerds, and Zapped are some of your favorite films. The movie makes very little sense as there seems to be a subplot that wound up on the cutting room floor regarding Pondo selling his soul to the devil. It’s vaguely mentioned, with a mysterious woman watching over him however nothing ever seems to come about. Also, why does Pondo go to a male strip club? After getting his head shaved to become a punk rocker, how did his hair come back in the next scene? Why is this movie called The Party Animal when he’s never really the center of attention at a party? Think of The Party Animal like its an R rated looney tunes cartoon and you’ll know what to expect.

vibratorCouple of things I’d like to mention that made The Party Animal stand out. First, I liked some of the directorial choices. Unlike most 80’s comedies, the camera actually moves around quite a lot, even doing some long POV shots that one doesn’t normally see in comedies. Second, the movies soundtrack is pretty good. Tunes by The Buzzcocks, The Fleshtones, and The Untouchables are presented here and can be quite catchy. Third is the film’s lead is actually a decent (although obviously too old) comedian who never went on to do anything else. According to, he’s now a professor with a doctorate in GA and is embarrassed of this movie. Dr. Causey, there is nothing to be ashamed of in my book.

horny girlsThe old 2005 DVD that MGM released is now out of print but one can get their hands on the new DVD-R release by MGM. The transfer is, well, average at best. The film shows a lot of wear and tear but I can only assume its a step up from a VHS source. At least its presented in the original 1:85:1 aspect ratio and contains the trailer (with nudity). Oh and speaking of nudity, there’s a lot. I mean, A LOT! There is a tracking shot of a row of bare breasts, for crying out loud!

MGM's limited edition dvdSure the movie is cheap, immature and doesn’t make much sense. But I couldn’t stop myself from smiling and laughing during The Party Animal.

Movie Rating: ★★★½☆

DVD Rating: ★★½☆☆


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