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Sweet & Perverse Milly (1989)

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Sweet & Perverse Milly coverStudio: One 7

Theatrical Release: 1989

DVD Release: December 9th, 2014

Rating: UnRated

Directed by Christoph Clark

Review by Craig Sorensen

One7 Movies jumps on the vintage porn bandwagon with their release of Sweet & Perverse Milly starring Italian smut star Milly D’Abbraccio.  Of course, like most One7 releases, this is a troubled release.  Oh, the picture quality and audio is serviceable enough this time, it’s the film itself that’s the problem.  This thing is boring.  There is nothing here to differentiate this from any number of generic porn films released in the late ‘80s.  Why waste your time when you can get something nice from Vinegar Syndrome?

Sweet & Perverse Milly 01

OK, so let me try to describe the plot.  Milly has traveled to America in search of cocks.  That’s it, I just described the plot.  First, Milly fucks a greasy looking ‘rich’ guy in the back of a limo.  That scene goes on forever.  And it ends with Milly peeing into a plastic cup for some reason.  The next scene takes place in a strip club.  Milly does a terrible dance routine while a couple of random people fuck in the back room.  Other than the funny crowd reaction shots there’s nothing much here either.  Next Milly visits a private detective for help with finding dick.  They drive around for a while and then stop by some guy’s pool where they spy on this guy being ‘sexy’ with an ice cube.  Then she fucks the private detective. 

Sweet & Perverse Milly 03

Milly then talks to some lady in a jacuzzi about dicks for a while.  After that scene finally ends we cut to an orgy in some kind of S&M club.  Milly’s nowhere to be seen here.  Next we cut to a scene featuring two transsexuals for some reason.  That must have been jarring for audiences.  I know it was for me.  Anyway, we finally catch up with Milly who is fucking two new guys.  They finish fucking and that’s the end of the move.

Sweet & Perverse Milly 04

I fast forwarded through most of this move.  I would have fallen asleep otherwise.  This thing is just boring.  The performers are all unappealing in that special late ‘80s/early ‘90s bad perm and boob job kind of way.  Watching Milly is like watching someone’s mom have sex.  It just doesn’t do anything for me.  And as far as I know there isn’t really anyone in this that has a cult following and no one behind the camera that has a following (other than Gerard Damiano who is credited as some kind of ‘supervisor’).  What the hell is the point in releasing this? I guess I will say that there are some fantastic subtitles though.

Sweet & Perverse Milly 02

Quality wise, this looks like it was taken from an old video source.  I’m assuming that this was edited on video so that’s probably as good as it’s going to get.  Audio is fine I guess.  Nothing special.  Just like the film itself, nothing in this presentation is worth noting.  Of course, you don’t get any extras.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ The extra half star is for the funny subtitles.

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