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Mai Lin vs Serena / Oriental Hawaii (1981/1982)

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Mai Lin coverStudio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1981/1982

DVD Release: Sept. 9th, 2014

Rating: UnRated

Directed by Carlos Tobalina

Review by Craig Sorensen

Vinegar Syndrome’s pornographic Peekorama double feature series continues with a pair of early ‘80s smut films staring Mai Lin and directed by Carlos Tobalina, Mai Lin vs. Serena and Oriental Hawaii.  If you’re looking for plenty of nudity and sex then you will find what you’re looking for here.  These films are not plot heavy however so, you know, temper your expectations in that regard I guess.

Oriental Hawaii 01

Let’s start with Oriental Hawaii (it’s first on the DVD menu anyway).  So, what’s going on here?  Two Asian girls (Mai Lin and Jade Wong) move into a house and have sex with everyone in the family. They first have a lesbian orgy with the two sisters (and their dildo friend “Freddy”), then they have sex with the two brothers. They give the dad some ancient Asian sleeping pills and while he is dreaming of having an orgy with his wife, two daughters, two sons and his two boarders he has sex with his wife.  It’s obviously the best sex that they’ve had in a while and I guess that brings them closer together and saves their marriage?  The end.

Oriental Hawaii 02

Oriental Hawaii 03

The film is sort of structured like a bad ‘70s sitcom with lots of establishing shots of the outside of the house with bad sitcom like music playing.  It’s a little strange but whatever, you need something to break up the fucking I guess.  This film is light on the plot but there is a little bit so you do get some good bits of dialog here and there.  And I appreciate a film that begins with a big spaghetti dinner so, you know, there’s that.  There is a weird current (I don’t want to call it an undercurrent because it’s pretty damned obvious) of incest in the film that I don’t quite get.  The two daughters like to have sex together (this is when we are first introduced to “Freddy”), which I don’t think a lot of sisters do (please let me know otherwise if I’m wrong).  Then the father has two dream sequence orgies involving him fucking his daughters.  And he seems to be perfectly fine with it the morning.  I think that I would find that a little disturbing personally. 

Mai Lin vs Serena 02

Anyway, lets not dwell on that.  Let’s move on to our next feature Mai Lin vs Serena.  If Oriental Hawaii was too literary for you then you’ll be happy with this film.  Mai Lin and Serena make a bet to see who is the sexiest?  I’m not sure.  It really doesn’t fucking matter either.  There’s a bet so shut up.  Anyway, the winner gets the lead in Carlos Tobalina’s new film.  So, the two go to a restaurant and they are both so sexy that an orgy breaks out.  Next, they go to a bar and they are so sexy that an orgy breaks out.  Then the pair gets arrested and are taken to jail.  They are so sexy there that an orgy breaks out.  They finally get out of jail and go home and an orgy breaks out.  So who wins the bet?  SPOILER ALERT!  It’s a tie.  Also, who cares.

Mai Lin vs Serena 03

This film is a lot more funny than the last film, despite having less plot.  I usually find that the less plot equals more fast forward time for me.  But then you’d miss such gems as the plainly visible boundary microphone just sitting there on the table in the middle of the frame in the restaurant.  Or Jade Wong almost knocking over a Coors sign multiple times in the bar scene.  Also, they almost tear apart the bar table they’re fucking on.  And there’s so much loud, creaking pleather.  I do think that I’ve got a pretty strong stomach but there is a scene in the final orgy that almost made me sick.  It involves bukkake.  Here’s a screenshot.

Mai Lin vs Serena 04

Both films look pretty good for their age and the cheapness of the productions.  Both have received new 2K transfers from the original negatives.  At this point this is to be expected from a Vinegar Syndrome release.  They seem to put the utmost care into every production they release wether it’s a lost classic or this smut.  Sound is fine.  Nothing too spectacular but more than adequate.  The only trailers that you get here are original trailers for the films which spoil all the sex scenes so don’t watch them first if you want to be surprised.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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