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Going Under (2004)

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Going Under coverStudio: Blue Underground

Theatrical Release: June 15th, 2006

DVD Release: January 27th, 2015

Rating: UnRated

Directed by Eric Werthman

Review by Craig Sorensen

Ostensibly a simple story about a slight love affair, Going Under gives itself a healthy dose of self-importance by placing its goings on within the confines of the New York S&M scene.  Now, S&M isn’t my kink so I didn’t find anything here particularly sexy.  Maybe you (or your girlfriend) will think differently, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure though that buying this Blu-Ray will be a better use of your money than going to see that Fifty Shades of Gray bullshit.  At least it may help fund more Fulci releases.

Peter (Roger Rees of Robin Hood: Men in Tights) is a happily married therapist.  He also has a thing for being tied up.  He’s been seeing a professional dominatrix for a while now.  Suzanne (Geno Lechner of Schindler’s List) thinks that now is the time to take their relationship beyond the dungeon.  So they try that and it doesn’t really work out that well.  That’s about it for the plot.  The real focus here is on the kink.

So once you strip away all the S&M mumbo jumbo, the film becomes a rather tame love affair story without a lot of meat on it’s bones. Part of me likes the idea of a stripped down story about a failed affair but seeing it here, it leaves a lot to be desired. There is some bullshit about who is really dominating whom but it feels a little half assed and tacked on. The main reason to watch the film is the S&M scenes.  There’s a minor effort made to kind of delve into the character’s psychology but don’t really expect any real insight. Which is kind of nice in a way. The film doesn’t go out of its way to condemn their lifestyles or portray them as aberrant. They just are and the characters seem comfortable with that.

Outside of the dungeon scenes though,  most of the human interaction is stifled and wooden. While I usually like Roger Rees, here he doesn’t seem to have a whole lot to work with. Most all the other actors though, ugh. Any scene between Suzanne and her girlfriend are just painful. There are only so many drawn out scenes between people speaking in broken English monotones that I can take before my attention starts to drift. And anything outside of the sex dungeon plays in this matter of fact, monotonous fashion. So, yeah, I did check my email more than once during the run time. And I routinely watch Jess Franco films.

You get a very nice 1.85:1 transfer of the film on Blue Underground’s new Blu-Ray.  Colors look very natural and black levels (this is a pretty dimly lit film) are nice.  There isn’t really any noticeable compression issues or other obvious problems here at all.  Everything looks really good here.  I haven’t seen the previous DVD release but I would assume that this release surpasses it easily.  You get two options for audio, a DTS-HD 5.1 and a 2.0 track.  Both sound good.  As far as extras go, you get an interesting commentary with director Eric Wertham and Roger Rees. You also get a feature called “Pushing the Boundries” which includes interviews with Rees and Geno Lechner.  A second featurette, “NYC Black & Blue Ball” gives viewers an inside look at the real fetish scene of ‘90s New York.  Finally, you get a couple of theatrical trailers. 

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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