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Cry For Cindy / Touch Me / Act of Confession (1976 / 1971 / 1972)

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vinegar peekarama

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1976, 1971, 1972

DVD Release: September 9, 2014

Director: Anthony Spinelli


Review by James Klein

Vinegar Syndrome’s triple feature of Anthony Spinelli’s 1970’s fuck films is presented here for what I think may be the first time on home video (I really couldn’t find much info on these films). While these movies aren’t all that special they are all different in tone and at least unique in the adult film genre that is populated by the same old same old.

Cry For Cindy (1976)

Cry For Cindy is an odd film and one that may turn off most viewers as the movie is about the suicide of a call girl. Cindy (Amber Hunt from Bare Knuckles) is an expensive call girl who can fly small planes to various john’s around the country, making a decent amount of money while opening up her legs. But is Cindy happy? Why is she putting herself through this?

cry for cindy

When Cindy gets pushed around and then forcefully fucked by her scumbag pimp Ben (Jack Wright of SexWorld) she has just about had it. Cindy begs for her money that Ben took from her because she didn’t give him a portion of her tip from the last john. When Cindy’s boyfriend is greeted by a few fists across the jaw by Ben, Cindy decides it’s time to end her life and jumps out the window of her apartment.

cry for cindy vinegar

At her funeral, Ben, Cindy’s boyfriend, and two of her call girl pals (a pretty lame funeral, not many people cared for Cindy I guess) stand solemn, thinking about their moments with Cindy that they personally found special. The rest of the film is told in flashbacks as they all remember moments they shared with Cindy.

While this premise could have been told in a more dramatic fashion with some heart, the film is first and foremost an adult movie, one where drama takes a back step to sex scenes. And that is where I lost interest. Cindy gets pulled into the life of sex while being a hairdresser to her call girl friends. Needing money to help support her boyfriend whose in med school, Cindy reluctantly decides to join her friends and makes fuck for a living.

peekarama cry for cindy

There really isn’t much else to say about Cry For Cindy. Everyone is really hairy in this, that’s for sure. If you are afraid of pubes, stay away.

Touch Me (1971)

Ah, the “couples porn”! This is the sub-genre of adult films meant for horny couples. Narrated by Dr. Lloyd Davis (Tom Stevens), Touch Me is about fulfilling not only your partners sexual desires, but your own also. This early 70’s, post-hippie mumbo jumbo is just an excuse to watch these young people screw. However, in my opinion, the “couples porn” provides for some of the best unintentional laughs and Touch Me certainly had a few scenes that cracked me up.

touch me

As the viewer is introduced to a wide arrange of different people all curious to discover their sexual awakenings or as one character says, “Have a good time.” While the doctor makes everyone touch one another, talk about his or her hang ups, or makes them do some strange exercises, viewers who want to jerk off to some banging may be disappointed. There is very little intercourse and no money shot.

vinegar syndrome's touch me

Touch Me is a must see however as this may be the only adult film that I know of that has George Buck Flower, best known for being in almost all of John Carpenter’s films as well as being the bum in Back to the Future Parts 1 and 2. And Buck sure does like to fuck as he gets nude a lot. In one absolutely hilarious scene, he runs full force screaming at the top of his lungs while jumping in a pool completely nude. This scene had me rolling with laughter and my rewind button on the remote got some exercise. Oh there is also a scene where a guy punches a woman full force in the face and no one does or says anything about it. Within minutes, all the characters are laughing and enjoying themselves again. Yeah, Touch Me is pretty fucking funny.

George buck flowers touch me

An Act of Confession (1972)

The less said about this turd the better. Boring and overlong nunsploitation about a Medevil nun exploring her sexual fantasies and desires. She goes down on other nuns and gets banged by a few monks who look all too 70’s for the Medevil ages.

an act of confessions

The soundtrack is mostly voice over or depressing church chants. While it may be different, this was about as exciting or stimulating as watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

Vinegar’s DVD has no extra features this time around. The picture quality is also not up to the standards however I think its because the existing prints on some of these adult films are now fading away. An Act of Confession may be awful but when it was shot on 16 mm and is one of the only known prints around, I must say I am impressed with Vinegar’s transfer. Still, the picture looks like crud for the most part, providing a very grainy image on all three films.

act of confession

Cry for Cindy Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Touch Me Rating: ★★½☆☆

An Act of Confession Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

DVD Rating: ★★½☆☆



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