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Alex & the Gypsy (1976)

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Studio: 20th Century Fox

Theatrical Release: October 3, 1976

DVD Release: July 29, 2014

Director: John Korty


Review by James Klein

20th Century Fox’s Cinema Archives release of the rarely seen Jack Lemmon comedy/drama Alex & the Gypsy is a strange little film. Not strange as in interesting or intriguing, strange as in confusing and dull. I can’t even imagine Lemmon agreeing to make this film aside from the fact that the then 50 year old could suck the boobs of the very hot Genevieve Bujold.

Alex & the Gypsy

Lemmon plays Alex, a bails bondsman who has been around the block a few times and knows the ins and outs of the bailsman world. He can smell bullshit a mile away but yet, why does he constantly get fooled by the gypsy Maritza (Bujold)? Apparently the two had a fling awhile back which is told in all too brief and pointless flashbacks. Now, she is in jail for stabbing her husband and Lemmon has agreed to pay her bail until her trial.

James Woods

While the two have this love/hate relationship by yelling at each other and then going to bed with one another within a drop of the hat, Maritza can still somehow fool Alex and run away. This only pisses him off more but yet he still keeps falling for her tricks. Is it because he’s in love? I’m not sure since these two actors, while good, have zero chemistry between one another. It also doesn’t help that the poorly written script by Lawrence B. Marcus is a confusing mess. Characters jump around from place to place at various times. Even worse is that these characters react to one another rather strangely. Why does Alex treat his co-worker (played by a young James Woods) so terribly and almost tries to kill him at one point? If Alex doesn’t trust Maritza, why does he constantly leave her alone and yet screams at her for running away when he finally does catch up with her? When Maritza runs away for the 100th time, why does she tell Alex where she’s going? Too many questions had me scratching my head wondering what the hell was going on.

alex and the gyspy

The DVD doesn’t fare any better. Cinema Archives kind of just threw this movie on a DVD with very little care going into the presentation. Originally shot in 1:85:1, this full frame DVD looks downright awful. The picture quality is faded and at times so soft that certain shots are blurry. The sound wasn’t too bad as one can make out the dialog clearly. The only special feature is the theatrical trailer which the studio also didn’t know how to promote this strange film.

jack lemmon in alex and the gypsy

Maybe for those that are die hard fans of Lemmon and Woods this DVD may be worth a pick up. For all others, this turkey can be skipped. Don’t waste your time.

Jack Lemmon

Movie and DVD Rating: ★½☆☆☆

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