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Purely Physical / Cat House Fever (1982 / 1984)

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dvd cover

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1982 / 1984

DVD Release: August 12, 2014

Director Chris Warfield


Review by James Klein

Vinegar Syndrome’s double feature of  Chris Warfield films (credited as Billy Thornberg) is an interesting footnote in the adult film legacy as these two films were directed by an actor who worked in mainstream films and television for many years.


Purely Physical (1982)

Laura Lazare (who only did a handful of adult films from the early 80’s to the mid 80’s) stars as Kathy, a college student working on a paper about the human condition decides to take a night clerk job at a small hotel. Kathy encounters all sorts of couples starting with a young couple having their first moment together, a movie fanatic business man (Michael Morrison, who did a few mainstream films of his own, one being Meatballs Part II) who gets taken for by a small titted hooker, an older and lonely business woman who does some solo work while watching her mangled roast beef in a mirror, a rich man who was given two hookers as a gift, and finally two men taking on a very horny and slutty tennis player.

purely physical

There is no plot honestly. That’s it. It’s one love scene after another, played completely straight with no humor whatsoever. While different, this was a real chore to sit through. I was bored out of my senses, although Lazare is beautiful to look at and has a natural beauty about her. When she finally gets cock and has her b-cups plastered in paste, I was grateful to know the film was finally coming to its “climax”, pun intended. This is a couple’s porn film, one that seemed quite popular during the early 80’s.

vinegar purely physical

The transfer looks great as always by Vinegar and one can see the hard work they put into this film as the film’s original trailer is included which looks pretty beat up and worn. I almost would have preferred a darker version of this movie by having Kathy dealing with all sorts of oddball characters at this hotel. But no, this is your parents porno. The kind that couples used to cuddle together on their waterbed and watch on their pop up VCR.

peekarama purely

Cat House Fever (1984)

Cat House Fever‘s script makes Purely Physical‘s script look as if it was written by Robert Towne. Writing a review for Cat House Fever is a tough one because it was just one sex scene after another.

cat house fever

A group of young sluts are having trouble paying for their college tuition so they decide to turn tricks and create a brothel to make some quick cash. But these whores really love their job and get off in getting their john’s off. Fuck scene after fuck scene after fuck scene. Clocking in at just 76 minutes, it felt as if I was watching a three hour epic.

cathouse fever

The opening sex scene with Herschel Savage (Pretty Peaches 2) seems to go on forever but at least this sex scene had some hilarious facial reactions, lots of dirty talk, and spontaneous screaming. The rest of the sex scenes are pretty dull. I will say I laughed a little with the guy who has tape over his mouth and a note saying he promised his wife he wouldn’t talk to girls, getting several blowjobs that just can’t make him hard.

vinegar cathouse fever

Dare I say this: the movie needed more plot and less sex. The film felt like an adult film that came out in the 1990’s when it was just sex clips. And the directing style between Purely Physical and Cat House Fever is like night and day. This film may have been more silly but had zero acting/dialog whatsoever. May as well have been a silent film or a 76 minute loop. I did enjoy the trailer for the film which had a funny twist on the Ted Nugent song that this movie is based on.

fevered fucking

Both films: Rating: ★½☆☆☆

DVD Rating: ★★★☆☆

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