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The Erotic Adventures of Candy / Candy Goes to Hollywood (1978 / 1979)

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Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: July 19 1978 / 1979

DVD Release: July 8, 2014

Director: Gail Palmer


Review by James Klein

Gail Palmer’s (director of Prisoners of Paradise) Candy films get the Vinegar treatment in this double feature from the late 70’s. Starring Carol Connors, best known as actress Thora Birch’s mother in real life, the first and second entry in the Candy series is now presented in a beautiful 2K scan that almost looks like one is watching a blu ray and not a DVD.

The Erotic Adventures of Candy (1978)

In the original Candy film, Candy is a virginal college student who turns down various offers for dates because of her strict, conservative father. Watching her every move, Candy can only fantasize about being with a man. But her number one choice is the Mexican gardener Manuel who, although handsome, speaks little English. Candy dreams of having some long love making session with him. Unable to control her sexual appetite, the two finally do hit it off but he is quick, rough, and not very romantic. In what I found to be the funniest part of the movie, Manuel screams out, “Remember the Alamo” right when he’s about to spray his hot sauce. And when her father catches the two, he scares Manuel so bad that he just blows his nut right then and there.


When Candy’s father winds up in the hospital due to crashing into a wall while going after Manuel, she is now on a quest to experience different men. Yes, Candy becomes a whore. And her first john turns out to be the biggest john of them all, John C. Holmes. After sucking his hog and taking John’s 14 inch wand into her blonde pudding, Candy goes to see Dr. Fillmore Entry (John Leslie) who injects his thermometer into Candy.

candy's dad

Rounding out the last of her “experiences” Candy goes to a hippie commune and sees the zealot Graham Hollander (Paul Thomas) who introduces her to a vast group of orgy loving members, some even homosexual. Candy gets motherfucked each and every way which is the film’s ultimate “climax”.

john holmes

Low on plot and low on laughs, The Erotic Adventures of Candy isn’t much of an adventure. In fact, aside from a few silly moments, the film is a bore to watch with the sex scenes close to becoming sleep inducing. What makes matters worse, Candy is an idiot and Carol Connors is such a lousy actress/comedian that the film becomes annoying right from the get go. Although the picture looks great and the original trailer is included, this is an adventure that one should skip.

erotic adventures of candy

Candy Goes to Hollywood (1979)

In the second Candy film, our young bimbo heroine travels to Hollywood to become a star. Almost immediately she meets Hollywood agent Johnny Dooropener (John Leslie) who likes to hypnotize his talent by getting a mouth hug around his pecker. Candy sucks that pig generously as Johnny fires his agent orange all over her milk puppies.

candy goes to hollywood

Johnny does however get her a gig on a television show called The Dong Show. This may be my favorite part of the film as it did have some amusing moments such as the judges smashing a gong with a huge dildo as well as Wendy O. Williams as herself firing ping pong balls out of her pussyhole. Candy wins the talent contest by singing (maybe the most painful part of the movie) and gets fucked from behind by the host Chuck Bareass (Richard Pacheco from Pretty Peaches 3: The Quest). And was that The Unknown Comic briefly shown in the background? Batshit insanity like this is what I want to see in my adult films.

wendy o. williams

Candy soon goes on a talk show and meets the famous Johnny Farson who introduces her to the tradition of the casting couch as he takes a few licks of her vertical smile until he can’t take it no more and demands some good old fashion fuckins. Candy later fucks a famous producer, takes a strap on from a lovely female pedestrian, and is finally taken to a Hollywood orgy where she sees such talented actors and actresses like Farrah Dawcett and Rocky Stallion. As everyone shoots their tapioca onto their partners bodies, Candy decides that Hollywood just isn’t her thing and decides to go to Washington, DC with a fellow who looks an awful like Billy Carter.

christy cannon

With a much broader comedic storyline and lots of references to 70’s TV shows and movies, Candy Goes to Hollywood is a much better film than its predecessor. While I still feel the film should have provided more one-liners during the sex scenes, I was amused by the film and thought that Gail Palmer’s directing was much improved. As always, the picture and sound look fantastic for an adult film that is 35 years old. The trailer is also included on the DVD.


The Erotic Adventures of Candy Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Candy Goes to Hollywood Rating: ★★½☆☆

DVD Rating: ★★★½☆

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