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Prisoner of Paradise (1980)

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prisoner of paradise dvd

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1981 (Canada)

DVD Release: September 9, 2014

Director(s): Bob Chinn and Gail Palmer


Review by James Klein

I guess one should never judge a book by its cover. Or in this case, DVD cover. I saw Vinegar Syndrome’s release of the 1980 adult film Prisoner of Paradise and it looked like a XXX version of Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS. My mind instantly started conjuring up all sorts of sick and depraved images that I thought would churn my stomach, forcing me to look away. Alas, I had to force myself to stay awake thru this dull fuck flick.

john holmes

The infamous John C. Holmes stars Joe Murrey, a WWII sailor shipwrecked on what he believes is a deserted island. Stuck all alone with only the memories of his deceased lover Sue Lee (Mai Lin) to keep him company. Joe wonders around aimlessly on the island, trying to stay alive. For over 20 minutes the viewer tries to stay awake as the film just seems to pad out the running time by showing endless shots of waterfalls, seashores, or stock footage from WWII.

prisoner of paradise

Joe does stumble upon a Nazi/Japanese camp run by Hans (Elmo Lavino from Sadie) and two female Nazi soldiers (Seka and Sue Carol). There is even a Japanese female soldier who never says a word and may hold the key in helping Joe escape from the Germans.

prisoner paradise

While Joe is captured, he is forced to eat all the pussies of everyone on the island and bang a few broads here and there. While this could have provided some great laughs with all of the actors trying to do German accents while getting fucked, the film is basically silent with just music and a few groans thrown in. This absolutely kills any chance for this adult film to be entertaining. Not even a joke about Joe’s frankfurter or eating sushi? The biggest laugh comes when the soldiers think he has a weapon and pull out Joe’s gigantic limp sausage.


Vinegar’s DVD looks amazing. I can not get over how good their transfers are starting to look now. They take an obscure adult film that probably looked like hell at some point and turn it into one fantastic presentation. I thought the sound was lacking but that was probably due to the low budget production. The trailer for Prisoner of Paradise is included which I found kind of neat for an adult film, with co-director Gail Palmer dressed like a Nazi soldier introducing the film.

Holmes fucks butt

However, not even Oskar Schindler could have saved this movie.

Movie Rating: ★½☆☆☆

DVD Rating: ★★★☆☆

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