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Demons 2 (1986)

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demons 2 blu ray

Studio: Synapse

Theatrical Release: February 13, 1987 (USA)

Blu Ray Release: November 11, 2014

Director: Lamberto Bava

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

Made just one year later, the sequel to Demons makes the first film look like it was written by William Goldman. There is even less plot and more WTF moments that will have even the most die-hard fans of Italian cinema scratching his/her head.

While the first film was set almost exclusively inside a movie theater, this chapter is set inside an apartment complex. While a bunch of young people are getting ready to celebrate their friend Sally’s (Carolina Cataldi-Tassoni) birthday, she seems to be having some sort of nervous breakdown. When she locks herself in her room because one of her friends has invited her ex-boyfriend to come to the party, she turns on the TV and starts watching. What she watches is what starts out as a news report but then turns into a film (yeah, this lost me but you kind of have to go with it I guess) about young people in a graveyard who stumble upon the remains of dead demons. When their blood gets on one of the dead corpses, it turns to life.

While Sally  continues to be engrossed in the TV, one of the demons comes out of the TV and attacks her, thus turning her into a demon. Is Dario Argento and Bava trying to make a social commentary about home video which was booming at that time? When Sally tears apart her house guests, thus turning them into demons, they then center their attention on the tenants who live in the apartment complex.

Demons 2 does have some decent moments as I liked the fast paced action , gruesome make-up effects and a few particular creepy segments (my favorite being a demon dog which reminded me of The Thing). Our hero of the story, George (David Edwin Wright) is trapped inside an elevator while the creatures wreck havoc. He needs to rescue his pregnant wife that’s alone before the creatures get to her. The movie’s odd shift of focus from Sally to George seems abrupt but given that Demons 2 looks like it was put together rather quickly to capitalize on the first films success, I can see why the film’s screenplay is a mess. I won’t even bother with the bizarre ending.

The bare bones blu ray does look decent aside from a very noticeable flutter for maybe 10-15 seconds in one sequence. However, the rest of the picture looks great and the 2.0 stereo soundtrack sounds really good.  Synapse once again releases another good looking blu ray. For fans who want more than just a trailer, please go to the Synapse website and order the limited edition steelbook that contains a slew of special features. I purchased the original Demons limited edition blu and it was well worth the money spent.

Similar in style and still entertaining, Demons 2 doesn’t hold a candle to the rock and roll roller coaster original. But there are still a few things to like in this sequel.

Movie Rating: ★★★☆☆

Blu Ray Rating: ★★★½☆

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