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Demons (1985)

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Studio: Synapse

Theatrical Release: May 30, 1986 (USA)

Blu Ray Release: November 11, 2014

Director: Lamberto Bava

Not Rated

Review by Travis North

Lomberto Bava’s gorefest represents the best and the worst of Italian cinema. The downsides are a barely held together plot with characters whose actions make no sense, as well as some borrowing bits from previous movies. The best is everything else about it.


The thin story involves a movie theater showing a horror film about demons. A small, well rounded audience watches unaware that as demons are unleashed on film the same starts to happen in real life. All it takes is a woman trying on a demon mask and getting a slight scratch on her face to unleash gushing boils and demonic takeovers.

lamberto bava demons

The rest of the movie is non-stop action as everyone attempts to make it out alive. Thankfully not many do. Loads of gore and effects, funny dialogue and dubbing, cocaine snorted from Coke cans and off tits, and what genre fan isn’t going to enjoy the lead riding down the aisles of the theater on a dirt bike killing demons with a samurai sword while Accept’s Fast as a Shark blasts from the soundtrack? If you don’t find that entertaining go fuck yourself.


While a much more feature packed release is available through Synapse’s website, this review only pertains to the almost bare bones standard edition Blu Ray. While the picture is certainly an improvement over the old DVD, the original elements will probably never make this a showcase disc for the format. Two sound mixes are included, the US Mono English alternate dub and the International English stereo language. As I toggled between the two to compare, I thought the stereo dub was superior. The mono disc buried the soundtrack to the point of losing it, totally killing any dramatic tension. Thankfully I didn’t notice any new pumped up foley effects to ruin the stereo track.

dario argento

Demons as a film is highly recommended. Which Blu Ray version you purchase will depend on what you own in your collection already.

Movie Rating: ★★★★★

Blu Ray Rating: ★★★☆☆

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