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Crazy Dog (2012)

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Studio: One 7 Movies

Theatrical Release: April 16, 2012

DVD Release: September 9, 2014

Director: David Petrucci

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

The serial killer genre ranks right up there as a series of films I wish they would retire, never to explore again in any film. The genre is tired and riddled with cliche after cliche. While Silence of the Lambs may have perfected the serial killer movie, the theaters in the 1990’s and early 2000’s were then flooded with movies such as The Bone Collector, Fallen, Copycat, Kiss the Girls, and Seven. Then CSI became a hit TV show that reveled in every serial killer cliche that’s ever been thrown at a viewer. Maybe my dislike for serial killer films is that they seem to be a watered down horror story. Yet horror is looked down upon while this genre is enjoyed by middle aged women…ok, I’m ready to go off on a tangent so let me focus on Crazy Dog.

Right away I knew I was in trouble. Shaky camera, rain, off screen kill…yep, same old same old. I was hoping the Italians could give us something different that American audiences have never seen. Who am I kidding? The Italians are the kings of ripping off American films, good or bad.

crazy dog

Crazy Dog is about a young man named Marco whose father was killed by the serial killer Crazy Dog (its never really explained why the killer goes by this name). Marco is still haunted by the memories of his father being murdered so he contacts criminologist Raul Chinna who is specializes in studying the Crazy Dog killer. Unbeknownst to Marco, Raul tells the story of a man just like Marco who was obsessed with tracking down the Crazy Dog killer, with bleak results.

crazy  dog

The rest of the film centers on this other man and what had became of him when he finds out there is a connection between Crazy Dog and the mob. And one would need to have an IQ of under 70 to not know who the killer really is. While there are a few moments where the film got interesting such as the introduction of the mob boss The Doctor, (played by Tinto Brass, best known for directing the controversial Caligula) who looks like a deformed Alfred Hitchcock and has one hell of an icy stare. But moments like these are too short and too few in between. Figures, once the film has any originality it is cut off quickly.


The picture looks relatively decent for a movie shot on cheap digital. The picture does get pretty grainy during the night sequences though. The 5.1 surround sound however was excellent with the different layers of sounds coming out of all different channels. The sound was surprisingly very good and a nice surprise to an otherwise bland DVD. Like most One 7 DVD’s, there are no special features aside from a trailer.


The serial killer genre has well worn out its welcome with this reviewer. Not even a Franco Nero cameo can make me recommend this one.

Movie Rating: ★½☆☆☆

DVD Rating: ★★★☆☆

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