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Worm (2013)

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worm dvd

Studio: Synapse

Theatrical Release: April 18, 2013 (limited)

DVD Release: August 12, 2014

Director: Doug Mallette

Not Rated

Review by Travis North

Typically any release by Synapse Films is worth checking out. Worm has a high concept plot, but sometimes it is hard to overcome budget limitations or the feel of a novice filmmaker.

The plot is based on the premise that in the future people have stopped dreaming. It may have been interesting to see society start to crumble as sleep deprivation takes hold, but instead it seems like a fairly benign problem here. A company called Fantasites provides a remedy; place a worm into your canal which will induce a state of sleep which is similar to the effects of drugs. Obviously this becomes addictive and the government begins to crack down leaving groups of addicts desperate for more worms.


This sounds intriguing in a David Cronenberg body horror sort of way, but the main character is just a huge loser. Not in the likeable way either. He is so awkward it’s off putting. When he gets into a worm induced love triangle with the girlfriend of his d-bag neighbor I didn’t exactly care or want to see anymore. The use of Verhoeven-style news interruptions to keep things moving just comes off as lazy and cheap. Attempts at comedy fall flat, and as the movie gets weirder and darker anything interesting or unique has disappeared in a fog of mediocrity.

worm 3

I don’t want to be too hard on this. It is low budget and has been stretched to feature length from an 8 minute short (included on the disc). It is head and shoulders above most shot on video Redbox or WalMart dump bin title, but that admittedly is a low bar. There are some decent ideas and scenes sprinkled in, just enough to where if I heard of a future feature by director Doug Malette I’d probably give it a shot.

worm 2

If you did enjoy Worm there is no reason not to purchase it. The picture is solid for a low budget feature and there are enough special features included (deleted scenes, commentary, trailers) to give evidence of Synapse’s continued support of genre film.

Movie Rating: ★★☆☆☆

DVD Rating: ★★★½☆

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