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Sadie / The Seductress (1982 / 1981)

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Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: 1982 and 1981

DVD Release: March 11, 2014

Director: Bob Chinn


Review by James Klein

Vinegar Syndrome’s Peekarama series has now drifted into the early 80’s with two Bob Chinn adult films. Chinn, known for directing a lot of John Holmes films including the infamous Johnny Wadd series, is one of the more talented directors in the adult film world. He actually knew how to use a camera and blocked actors properly. Chinn was also the inspiration for Burt Reynold’s Jack Warner in Boogie Nights. So for those who are interested in seeing some of Chinn’s work, here are two that are now available.

Sadie (1982)

Sadie, unfortunately, may not be the right film to start off with. After about 20 minutes or so, I kept looking at my remote control for the fast forward button. Sadie is a loose adaptation of Somerset Maugham’s Rain starring Chris Cassidy as the call girl Sadie. Yeah, I had to look that one up.

The film takes place mostly on one set, a small hotel/bar lobby on an island in Borneo during the Vietnam War. The hotel is run by Bear played by Gary Eberhart who also did the music for the film which I thought was quite good. Eberhart looks like a poor man’s George Dzundza. Thankfully Eberhart isn’t in any sex scenes although that could have provided the film with some much needed laughter and amusement. The hotel is filled with quirky characters like a few horny G.I.’s, a few slutty island ladies who love sucking cock, a religious senator (played by Joseph Darling whose voice sounds a lot like Marvel’s Stan Lee) and his bitchy wife and closeted whore daughter. Oh and don’t forget our lead Sadie, the prostitute who everyone finds adorable.


In an overly complicated plot, Sadie tries to help a G.I. get out of debt by being used by a rajah who is running a white slavery ring. While this may sound interesting, we never get to see much of this slavery ring and only see Sadie take on soldiers or get lectured by the Senator. Chris Cassidy isn’t even that much to look at, as well as making her character of Sadie kind of a bitch and not very sympathetic. Some of her lines that she is given make no sense either and are delivered rather flatly.

Bob Chinn's Sadie

Overall as much as I enjoyed the higher production value of the film and some of its direction, Sadie is a bore and the sex scenes are rather mundane. Even the light comic moments are not very funny.

Vinegar Syndrome Sadie

The Seductress (1981)

Now this is more like it. The Seductress is a black comedy mixed with what feels like a Brian De Palma film. There were moments that I felt like I was watching an adult version of Blow Out or Dressed to Kill or Body Double.

Lee Carroll stars as Rene, a hooker who uses high profile men for sex and blackmails them with pictures that are taken of them engaging in sex by a secret photographer. When Rene tries to double cross the wife of a politician she screwed by making the wife take her place in the next encounter with another politician, things quickly get out of hand as the drug addicted Rene starts playing with fire by getting out of control with the local mob who are not happy with how she is handling business.

The Seductress

While The Seductress at times plays like a thriller, there are some laugh out loud moments in this film, notably the dialog. I was howling over some lines, one of my favorites was two men waiting to get laid. It goes like this:

“What do you think we should do?” “Let’s get naked!” “Yeah, lets get good and naked!”

Vinegar Syndrome The Seductress

There is another scene where a woman receives an obscene phone call and repeats what the man is telling her on the phone that had me cracking up. So not only did I get a somewhat interesting thriller, I got some classic over the top adult film dialog that I can now recite to my friends. Thank you Mr. Chinn. Oh and the ending is a total downer and one that didn’t make any sense, thus making the film all the more weirder and funnier.


The DVD presentation by Vinegar is, as always, very good. The picture for both films look very bright and vibrant. Sadie was even shot on 35 mm so the picture looks even more clearer than The Seductress. Both films even come with a trailer which is a nice added bonus.

Sadie Rating: ★½☆☆☆

The Seductress Rating: ★★★☆☆

DVD Rating: ★★★½☆


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