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A Saint…A Woman…A Devil…(1977)

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a saint dvd

Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Theatrical Release: September 28, 1977

DVD Release: March 11, 2014

Director: Peter Savage


Review by James Klein

This mishmash of an adult film had me scratching my head after I got to the closing credits. Was this a comedy? Was this a spoof on The Exorcist? Was this a drama dealing with child abuse and split personalities? Regardless of what it was or was trying to be, A Saint…A Woman…A Devil is at the very least entertaining and one of the better adult films that Vinegar Syndrome has put out.

The movie begins when a vacuum salesman (played by 70’s adult film legend Marc Stevens) coming to the home of homely Sylvia, a quiet and mousy religious woman who at the drop of a hat turns into her seductive alter ego who takes on Stevens by giving him a deep suck job while going to town on his anus. That’s right folks, Sylvia loves to toss the salad and A Saint…A Woman…A Devil has plenty of balloon knot love. Men and women get their assholes cleaned in various positions, it was enough to make me wanna turn my head a few times while stifling my laughter.


Sylvia’s cousin Toby (Pamela Serpe who was never given any hardcore scenes) and her bisexual friend Sheila pay Sylvia a visit but when Sylvia’s alternate personality comes about and seduces Sheila, Toby kicks her out of the house so she can protect Sylvia. As the film continues, Toby remembers through various flashbacks that Sylvia may be either possessed or just plain screwed up in the head. She knows her abusive mother used to rip her fingernails off or watch her masturbate while taking a bath, thus giving a pretty reasonable explanation as to why Sylvia is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

A saint a woman a devil

This may also be the first adult film I have ever seen with a child actress as well. While no sex or nudity is shown during the little little girl’s scenes, I felt myself becoming very uncomfortable even watching these scenes knowing that in the next scene someone’s butthole was about to be licked.

young sylvia

As Sylvia’s psychiatrist (writer/director Peter Savage) begins to rid her of her several personalities, it’s the one personality of her adulteress side that refuses to leave and starts to take over her body. She seduces two junkies, one played by Predator‘s Sonny Landham and convinces them to go after her doctor so to keep him from exorcising her. When the movie abruptly ends with no real or clear conclusion, the audience is left wondering what the hell just happened. And clocking in at over 100 minutes, there should be no reason as to why the film doesn’t have much of an ending.


I will say that I did enjoy A Saint…A Woman…A Devil as there were moments I laughed at (Sylvia threatening a weak man of the cloth with a giant crucifix) and also moments where I thought the film was actually taking an interesting and rather dark turn (Toby’s rather graphic and subtly racist rape scene and young Sylvia being beaten and verbally abused by her mother). While this ultimately made the entire tone of the movie fluctuate, it did hold my interests. Also, Joanna Bell who plays Sylvia is quite good in the role. Not to mention she has an amazing rack and can suck a good pig. And seeing adult star Bobby Astyr, known as “the clown prince of porn” is always a pleasant surprise whenever he pops up.

a saint...a woman...a devil...

Vinegar’s transfer of A Saint…A Woman…A Devil is also one of the best transfers they have yet to put out. While the opening credits had some print damage, most of the picture looked really clear with colors looking sharp. Also as an added bonus is the R rated cut of the film that is virtually the same without the hard core sex scenes, thus making A Saint…A Woman…A Devil more of a dramatic picture. I would have loved to have seen the original theatrical trailer for this strange film but unfortunately that is not included.

Sylvia 2

While the film still has plenty of problems with it’s confusing storyline and overlong length, A Saint…A Woman…A Devil is directed well (Savage went on to write Raging Bull, while his second unit director was none other than William Lustig) and has an interesting and somewhat talented cast that makes this smut a rise above the rest of the adult films that are flooding the market.

Movie and DVD Rating: ★★★☆☆


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