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The Hot Nights of Linda (1975)

0 Comments 19 April 2014

Hot Nights blu

Studio: Severin

Theatrical Release: July 16, 1975

Blu Ray Release: October 8, 2013

Director: Jess Franco

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

Severin’s blu ray release of The Hot Nights of Linda will please the fans of director Jess Franco in that this DVD/ blu ray release looks and sounds amazing compared to the old VHS and bootleg copies that have been floating around since the 1980’s. They also added an extra disc of the hardcore version of the film, which equals about an extra minute of masturbation and oral sex. That said, this is a Jess Franco film so for those who are looking for a coherent plot or something fast paced, may want to skip this one.

Hot Nights stars the lovely Alice Arno (How to Seduce a Virgin) as a secretary/pseudo-nurse who is hired by a strange family on a remote island to help out with the invalid daughter of a wealthy millionaire. Right from the get go, one knows that everyone is off their rocker a little, especially the secretary herself who enjoys walking around nude and taking showers with the door open. Given the fact that one of the millionaire’s daughters is a nymphomaniac (Lina Romay, Franco’s future wife and muse) who may or may not be psychotic, it really isn’t wise to be flaunting around the flesh in front of this bimbo.

Hot Nights of Linda

The caretaker who helps out around the house is a deaf mute who just makes loud grunts and bizarre noises that had me laughing whenever he spoke, is also in love with the two daughters and helps these whores get nude or get them off whenever it is necessary. The old millionaire doesn’t take too kindly for anyone touching his young daughters and whips them if messed with. Perhaps he is responsible for the death of his wife?

Jess Franco's Hot Nights of Linda

On top of the lunacy surrounding the film, there is a rather strange subplot involving two journalists who are spying on the house, taking pictures of the residents. This is played for comic relief and while their scenes make no sense, one can’t help but laugh and enjoy the rather absurd sequences involving them.

Hot Linda

With a film loaded with full frontal nudity, sadism, lesbianism, and incest it’s hard not to say The Hot Nights of Linda is an interesting European erotica made by the master of filth himself, Jess Franco. But even at 80 minutes, the movie drags on and on and once again Franco’s love for the zoom gets irritating rather quickly. However, there are certain shots that are quite beautiful and the movie almost feels like a feverish dream which I kind of enjoyed.

Hot Nights

Severin goes out of their way to make an amazing blu ray out of The Hot Nights of Linda (aka: Who Raped Linda?). While the print does have many scratches and color inconsistencies, the movie is presented in 2:35:1 for the first time ever. Also added is an extra disc of the subtitled hardcore version of the film but the quality of the picture and sound are so bad that it’s doubtful one can sit through this version unless skimming thru to find the hardcore scenes. There is also an interview with Franco right before he died and also a longer interview with Franco and the late Romay as they smoke cigarettes  while discussing the making of the film. With outtakes of more hard core footage, an interview by author Stephen Thrower and a rather touching four minute bit of footage of Franco in his wheelchair receiving an honorary lifetime achievement award at Fantastic Fest, this blu ray is a must purchase for those who love Jess Franco and European sleaze.

Lina Romay

Movie: Rating: ★★½☆☆

Blu Ray Rating: ★★★★☆


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