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Schoolgirl Report #11: Trying Beats Studying (1977)

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Schoolgirl Report 11 coverStudio: Impulse

Theatrical Release: March 24th, 1977

DVD Release: November 11th, 2013

Rating: UnRated!

Directed by Ernst Hofbauer

Review by Craig Sorensen

Time for another installment in the long running Schoolgirl Report series (other installments herehere and here).  This time out we get five more stories of the secret sex lives of ‘schoolgirls’ related to us by the panelists of some kind of talk radio show.  Our distinguished panelists (a psychologist, a police inspector, a high school principle and a housewife) are discussing the laws that govern the lives of young people.  Are they too strict?  Too lenient?  Will they allow them to take their clothes off and fuck?

Schoolgirl Report 11 1

Story one concerns a young girl named Martina who’s terrible grades are really stressing her out (her father says she’s dumb and lazy and will end up as a streetwalker).  She eventually starts tutoring with a fellow student, Rolf.  One thing leads to another and eventually they are going at it hot n’ heavy on a regular basis.  It’s OK though because her grades really pick up and things are going great.  Of course, this being a moral tale, things don’t stay that way for long.

Schoolgirl Report 11 2

Schoolgirl Report 11 3a

Story two follows Regine, who has accused her older tutor Werner of rape.  She describes, in detail, the awful things that he has subjected her to on numerous occasions.  She’s fondled, whipped and fucked all in front of a turned on Great Dane.  Of course, she might not be telling the whole truth here.

Schoolgirl Report 11 4

Our third story is related by one of the sound board operators (they fake a technical problem to talk about sex) about her first time.  Of course her story starts with her naked, masturbating in front of a mirror.  She desperately wants to be touched by a man.  Her friend Gabi stops by and they decide to meet some boys later that day at a dirty old barn to lose their virginity.  Neither couple is as experienced as they think they are and things come to a crashing conclusion.  This is the slapstick portion of our film.

Schoolgirl Report 11 5a

Schoolgirl Report 11 6

The fourth story goes careening back into depressing territory with the tale of Michaela, who lives alone with her sick mother (sick of what, I don’t know, they never really say).  One day she finds a 100 mark bill on the ground.  A few moments later she’s stopped by three bikers who accuse her of stealing.  She goes back to their place with them and is forced to sign a contract saying she stole.  She is then forced to have sex with one of the men while the others take pictures of the whole thing.  These pictures are then used to blackmail the girl into a life of prostitution.  It’s a convoluted plan for sure.

Schoolgirl Report 11 7

Schoolgirl Report 11 8a

Finally, the fifth story concerns Heidi.  She gets her friends together on her 18th birthday.  While they all tell stories of their first times, the girls decide that it’s about time that Heidi has hers.  So they trick her into getting locked in a bedroom with one of the girls cousins, a purported playboy.  Things don’t go exactly as the girls planned however.

Schoolgirl Report 11 9

After the lunacy of the last film, volume 11 of the Schoolgirl Report series is sort of a return to form.  Nothing here is too groundbreaking, although there are some interesting shots sprinkled about.  Still, it’s a decent time waster if you’ve got nothing else going on some afternoon.  The girls are always pretty and the films don’t take themselves too seriously (despite there being a couple of references to suicide here).  Impulses’ new DVD is on par with the rest of the series.  It’s not looking too great but it’s watchable.  Colors are muted, detail is soft and the print seems a bit dirty in spots.  I’m assuming that all these are taken from maybe 1 inch tape sources, although I can’t find any evidence to back that up.  They are watchable though and anamorphic.  There aren’t any extras at all.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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