Barbara Broadcast (1977)

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Barbara blu

Studio: Distribpix

Theatrical Release: October 27, 1977

Blu Ray Release: August 8, 2013

Director: Radley Metzger

Not Rated

Review by Travis North

The plot of this Randy Metzger film is helpfully laid out as a voice over during the credits (see this link for an Unrated review of his previous film, Score).  Barbara Broadcast has written a shocking book about her life in the sex trade, and has achieved some level of celebrity from it.  A journalist has planned an interview with Barbara at a unique restaurant over lunch.  While all appearances make this seem like a normal place, the items on the menu are a bit different.  Order number 17 on the menu, and you get a fresh, “hand-made” dressing for your salad.  If you are in a hurry, just get the cunnilingus appetizer.  This restaurant also has a very demanding host.  If a waitress happens to drop her dish tray, he drops his drawers and she must blow him.  In that respect it is probably similar to most neighborhood Applebees. 

Barbara Broadcast

This actually makes for an interesting contrast.  Well dressed diners enjoy their food while nearby tables have hardcore cramming.  It was almost disappointing when the interview was over and they had to leave.  The following scenes in a nightclub feel more pointless and random in comparison.  Why is there an arm wrestling contest going on, rivaling any homoerotic undertones in Over The Top?  Although this film came first, the use of the People’s Court theme is just plain distracting.  At least Jamie Gillis shows up to keep the viewer wary of what may come next, just in case you are getting bored with the sex or Z grade humor.

Barbara Broadcast 2

The adult content is done fairly well.  The scenes never go on too long, although there felt to be more oral action than typical.  Not just the intercourse, since there is some really sloppy French kissing that goes on as well.  Metzger also works in some tasteful urination, which shockingly does NOT involve Mr. Gillis.  He is definitely involved in the “roughie” concluding scene though. 

Barbara Broadcast 3

While the movie is what I would consider above average for a 70s adult film, where this release really shines is in the hard work Distribpix have done.  It should shame major studios who are dumping major titles on Blu Ray in bare bones releases when a film that could easily be forgotten is getting the grand treatment.  This is Criterion Collection quality; three discs, outstanding packaging with a booklet and a “ticket” to the restaurant, a plethora of extras (both explicit and R rated cuts of the film, commentary, a Making Of, interviews, trailers and radio spots, and more), and a fine audio and visual presentation.  Watching some of the R rated version on the DVD the picture looked very good for a film of this era and market.  When you throw the Blu Ray disc in it is noticeable how much the picture is cleaned up in regards to digital artifacting.  It is always a cliché, but this is certainly the best the film has ever looked in a home video presentation.  If you have any interest in adult films, instead of buying yet another redundant copy of The Evil Dead or Die Hard with a Vengeance, you should support Distribpix and the great job they have done by purchasing this release. 

Movie Rating: ★★★★☆

Bly Ray Rating: ★★★★★


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