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Foyle’s War New Episodes Air in September

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Foyle's War - TV Miniseries

Foyle’s War Series Coming to DVD/Blu-ray

FOYLE’S WAR – A new war, a new enemy

Premieres on MASTERPIECE Mystery! on PBS on September 15, 22, 29
Streams on Acorn TV beginning Sept. 16, 23, and 30
Set 7 debuts on DVD & Blu-ray on Sept. 24 with nearly two hours of bonus features

Review by Adam Bielawski

In about a week PBS (September 16, 2013 schedule to local networks) will bring back a blast from the past crime fighting World War II duo Inspector Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) and Samantha “Sam” Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks), who’s now married known as Sam Wainwright. This will be the 8th series or season with 3 new episodes titled “The Eternity Ring,” “The Cage,” and “Sunflower.” Since the end of the war there are new enemies of the British government. Inspector Foyle is recruited by MI5 and quickly brings his inquisitive sidekick Sam to the MI5 team.

I was late in knowing and watching the series… about a year back in 2012 I saw an episode and was hooked immediately. Within a week or two, I did everything I could to watch the series, borrowing from my library system, viewing it on Acorn and other places like YouTube.  Probably the main draw to the series was the World War II theme about a detective during those World War II years. It’s a part of history that I love to learn more and more about.  The series blended war historical events into everyday life of a British citizen and the need of a police force at home in Great Britain.  Many men were being shipped to serve their nations as well as men and women that  stayed at home to serve their country internally. Such was Inspector Foyle and his assigned military driver Sam Stewart, with a cast of others throughout the series.  Like many fans I was empty after watching the final episode, but the excitement came back with I heard the announcement of three new short films a few month’s back.

The three new episodes take place post-WWII with topics related the new communist threat  of a Soviet spy ring to acquire the atomic bomb; British secret service torture and mistaken identity; and about a Nazi war criminal. In the mix of the main story in each episode a secondary story tied our two main characters with personal things in their every day life.  The new season introduces new and old characters to the series.  Arthur Valentine (Tim McMullan) is a new colleague of Foyle at MI5; Adam Wainwright (Daniel Weyman) character is played by a different actor; and Hilda Pierce (Ellie Haddington) who appeared in a past episode now is a cast as one of MI5 top directors. As in Great Britain’s WWII MI5/6, the USA’s Office of Strategic Services (OSS) morphed into the CIA.

I personally did not dwell too much into the historical accuracy on the new episodes but read that they are loosely based on some WWII events and individuals.  However, one episode, “The Sunflower” I watched along with one of my friends who is a pretty good European World War II buff. He was puzzled about the Nazi having a tattoo on his forearm when in reality they were tattooed in the arm pit. Doing a quick ‘Net’ look up proved to that he was correct and that the episode made a huge blunder.  Not sure how the fact finders missed this about how the Nazi’s branded their officers but I consider this fact was kind of important. It’s possible that this is discussed in the behind the scenes, I’ll have to watch to find out.  Other types of incorrect references were small arms, vehicles, etc., but only a few people would ever notice those inaccuracies and really do not play too much to our knowledge of WWII facts. The behind the scenes production videos I found kind of boring, for example the making or editing bullets going through a soldier and splattering blood.  It could have been done better for engagements.

The new season of Foyle’s War with 3 episodes is a gift to fans! Thanks go out to Masterpiece Theater in continued support to film new episodes and having Michael Kitchen replay his role.  I can’t wait till actual episodes air on PBS, I will be on the couch and watching.



Called “Like a gift from the gods” (The New York Times) and “A triumph from start to finish” (The Wall Street Journal), FOYLE’S WAR returns this September with three new feature length mysteries available on television, streaming, and home video. One of PBS’s most popular and highly acclaimed programs, Foyle’s War premieres its new season on MASTERPIECE Mystery! on PBS on Sept. 15, 22 and 29. Acorn TV, the first British TV focused streaming service at www.Acorn.TV, will offer each new episode the day after it airs on PBS, as well as all previous episodes for catch-up viewing. Additionally, the new episodes debut on DVD and, for the first time, Blu-ray from Acorn on Sept. 24; featuring the complete U.K. broadcast edition and nearly two hours of bonus features, which includes a recap of Sets 1-6; 4 behind-the-scenes featurettes (86 min.); introductions by writer & creator Anthony Horowitz (15 min.), and more ($49.99 each, The trailer for the new season is available at Acorn, an RLJ Entertainment, Inc. brand (NASDAQ: RLJE), is already in development for another season as well.

As the series returns, World War II is over, but the Cold War simmers in 1946 London. DCS Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) has retired from police work when Britain’s secret intelligence service compels him to join its ranks. Reunited with his former colleague, newlywed Sam Wainwright (Honeysuckle Weeks), Foyle faces new—but no less deadly—threats in the world of spies and counterintelligence.

Combining uncompromising historical accuracy with compelling, character-driven murder mysteries, this enormously popular, award-winning British series has won critical acclaim and undying viewer loyalty since its premiere on ITV in 2002 and PBS in 2003. Set 7 guest stars include Ellie Haddington (Life Begins), Tim McMullan (The Woman in Black), Jeremy Swift (Oliver Twist), Rupert Vansittart (Holy Flying Circus), and Daniel Weyman (Great Expectations) as Sam’s husband.

The Mysteries:

  • The Eternity Ring—Returning from America, Foyle gets drawn into an MI5 investigation of a Russian spy ring in which Sam, his former driver, has been implicated.
  • The Cage—Foyle’s inquiry into the deaths of several Russian defectors leads him to a mysterious military facility.
  • Sunflower—Foyle is charged with looking into assassination attempts against an ex-Nazi defector under MI5’s protection.


  • Broadcast: MASTERPIECE Mystery! on PBS – Sept. 15, 22, and 29
  • Streaming: Acorn TV at www.Acorn.TV – All 22 previous episodes available Sept. 1 with new episodes debuting the day after their PBS broadcast.
  • Home Video: DVD and Blu-ray on Sept. 24, 2013 – Three mysteries, approx. 274 min., plus bonus – SDH subtitles
    Blu-ray 2-Disc Set (SRP: $49.99) ISBN 978-1-59828-993-0/DVD 3-Disc Boxed Set: (SRP: $49.99) ISBN 978-1-59828-992-3

An RLJ Entertainment, Inc. brand (NASDAQ: RLJE), Acorn specializes in the best of British television on DVD/Blu-ray. 2013 releases include: Jack Irish starring Guy Pearce, BBC’s The SyndicateThe Fall starring Gillian Anderson, North & South starring Patrick Stewart, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Doc Martin Special Collection, Helen Mirren’s Prime Suspect and Smiley’s People on Blu-ray, Douglas Adams’ Dirk Gently, and more episodes from George Gently, New Tricks, Murdoch Mysteries, and Midsomer Murders. Acorn’s DVD sets are available from select retailers, catalog companies, and direct from Acorn at (888) 870-8047 or Select series are streaming at Acorn TV, the first British TV-focused streaming service, at

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