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Same Time, Every Year (1981)

0 Comments 07 April 2013

Studio: ImpulseSame Time Every Year cover

Theatrical Release: 1981

DVD Release: February 12, 2013

Director: Fred J. Lincoln

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

Fred J. Lincoln’s follow up to his rather dull Serena: An Adult Fairy Tale is a spoof on the now forgotten Alan Alda comedy called Same Time Next Year. I will say that Lincoln’s adult film is much funnier and has a certain charm to it that is enjoyable at times. However, its still an adult film and after eight or nine long minutes of seeing someone have sex or someone getting something sucked, the movie just gets boring.

A group of male friends lie to their wives every year about going to a lawyer’s convention when they actually go off to a sex resort. While away, the horny wives decide this year they are going to get even with their significant other and have some fun of their own. Basically, they have sex with every guy they run in contact with. That’s it folks. That’s the plot. When it showed in the credits that this film was written by two people, I cracked up. I can just see it now, “Um…I’m not sure what should happen at this point. He’s in a jacuzzi but what should happen here?” “Hmmm…oh how about two women come in and…oh I got it, they suck his dick!”

I will say there are some hilarious lines of dialog which of course are delivered pretty poorly. I wished the film was more of an R rated nudie flick than an actual adult film. I love watching these scenes and just can’t get enough of hilarious lines like, “No, good girls don’t do that!” when a man’s wife wants to go down on him. I do enjoy seeing natural looking women in the older adult films like this. They aren’t overly skinny with tattoos and fake breasts. I like seeing a little meat on the women. But it’s hard to watch chunky and hairy men in some scenes. I could go without seeing some man’s balloon knot being licked with a line like, ‘You taste so good.” in between licks.

Impulse’s DVD at first looks terrible. The opening credits are all scratchy and the picture looks rather murky but once the credits are over, the film looks rather good and much better than Impulse’s Serena DVD. However, like Serena, there are no special features. The sound is fine and I even had to turn the volume down so my wife wouldn’t hear all the moans.

I would say Same Time Every Year is worth a look if you are into the retro adult films of yesteryear. Others, like myself, will just find it rather boring.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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