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The Sinful Dwarf (1973)

0 Comments 02 March 2013

Studio: Severin / CAVSinful Dwarf cover

Theatrical Release: December 1973

DVD Release: June 3, 2009

Director: Vidal Raski

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

If you are brave (and awake) enough to watch The Sinful Dwarf, I hope there is a bathroom nearby because you will want to take a shower after watching this sleazy, exploitation shocker. The Sinful Dwarf knows exactly what it is and relishes in it. It’s trash and the film makers make no qualms about it.

In what looks like an outtake from Pink Flamingos (hell, this makes Pink Flamingos look like it has the budget of a Michael Bay movie) a pretty young lady is playing hopscotch on a sidewalk…yeah, you read that right…until the dwarf Olaf turns the corner with his cane in one hand and a little mechanical dog in the other. Olaf, who looks like an evil pint size version of Jack Black, grins and somehow convinces the woman to come back to his shitbag apartment after she can’t get enough of this silly mechanical dog. Once inside, this dumb broad gets herself knocked out by Olaf’s cane and is dragged into a room full of nude women where she is stripped down and forced to take heroin to dull her senses and calm her down. You see, little Olaf keeps this room for male guests who pay him or his washed up showbiz mother to have sex with the drugged up ladies.


Meanwhile, a recently married couple decide to stay at Olaf’s apartment until they make enough money to have a home of their own. While hubby Peter goes out to work, young Mary stays at the apartment and starts to take notice the strange things going on around her. When Olaf takes notice of her, he soon captures her and locks her up in the room with the ladies and is forced to become his new toy, forcing Peter to believe she has left him.

sd 4

While the premise of The Sinful Dwarf is interesting and sleazy, the film doesn’t really know what to do during the scenes without the young women in the room. Olaf plays the piano as his strange old mother and her older friend talk about the good old days and start singing. This is where you go to the fast forward button. No one wants show tunes while watching good old cheap, 70’s exploitation and unfortunately, The Sinful Dwarf gets quite boring at parts.

sd 2

There are numerous versions of The Sinful Dwarf and this is the review for the fully uncut, XXX rated version in where scenes of actually penetration were inserted into the film for some strange reason. This version clocks in at 96 minutes, four minutes longer than the “extended version”. The sex scenes added look very different than what was going on before which has me believe that these sex scenes were shot somewhere else. Even the picture quality changes, making the film look more murky and darker than it already is. While its nice to have the most complete cut of the film, the sex scenes add nothing to the story and unfortunately we don’t get to see Olaf in the buff. The closest thing to sex for Olaf is raping a woman with his cane.

sd 3

From my review and pictures, you’ll know if this is a movie you’ll want to see or avoid. The DVD by Severin offers no special features, making this strange film even more cryptic than it already is. The Sinful Dwarf will either shock you or bore you. Or maybe do both.

sd 5

Rating: ★★½☆☆



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