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I Love It From Behind (1981)

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I LOVE IT FROM BEHIND coverStudio: Impulse/Synapse

Theatrical Release: July 10th, 1981

DVD Release: December 11th, 2012

Rating: UnRated

Directed by Koyu Ohara

Review by Craig Sorensen

I Love It From Behind is pretty much everything that I hope for when I start watching a new Nikkatsu roman-porno.  It defies my expectations any chance it can.  From the title and provocative looking shot of a woman’s ass on the cover you would think that this film is about some girls that ‘love it from behind’.  I don’t want to give the whole film away but that couldn’t be further from the truth (no truth in advertising here).  There is some butt-play involved here (I can’t believe I just wrote ‘butt-play’) but if you’re looking for Japanese schoolgirls shoving things up their asses then you’re going to be disappointed (also you’re a pervert and should be ashamed).

I Love It From Behind 003

I Love It From Behind 006

I Love It From Behind follows Mimei (Junko Asahina of Rapeman) as she travels to the city to visit her friend Masumi and her roommate Rei.  Mimei is getting married soon and she has to complete her goal of collecting 100 penis prints before then.  Yeah, Mimei picks up men, slathers their dicks in India ink and presses them onto a piece of paper.  Mimei has only collected 70 so she’s got her work cut out for herself.  While staying in Masumi’s apartment she discovers that her friend has decided to become a lesbian.  It seems that she had a pretty bad experience with a sleazebag at her office.  So Mimei sets out to help Masumi get her revenge and reawaken her heterosexuality (I guess that’s how it works in Japan).  Of course Mimei’s plans have some pretty unexpected consequences.  And now that Masumi’s ‘roommate’ Rei is left alone all day she takes to the habit of masturbating with inanimate objects.  I know that this sounds like a crazy plot already but trust me, I’m leaving a lot of stuff out.  It’s actually more crazy than it sounds.

I Love It From Behind 007

I Love It From Behind 008

Like all the Nikkatsu films in the series, I Love It From Behind looks great on DVD.  Colors look very natural and the film is presented in it’s original aspect ratio.  Really, at this point this is all expected from the series.  I’d be more surprised if this looked like shit.  The only extra here is the original theatrical trailer.  I’d suggest not watching it until you’ve finished the main feature though, it give away too many of the weird surprises.  You also get the expected and excellent liner notes though, which is always a nice addition when you’re looking into a foreign culture.  It helps to give things some context.

I Love It From Behind 009

I Love It From Behind 010

Rating: ★★★★☆

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