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Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

0 Comments 08 January 2013

Studio: Severin/CAVBirdemic Cover

Theatrical Release: February 27, 2010

Blu Ray Release: February 22, 2011

Director: James Nguyen

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

I simply don’t get it. I am baffled. How did Birdemic even possibly get a blu ray release? In fact, how did Birdemic even get picked up for any release? What even amazes me more is that this cheaply made (intentionally?) movie has turned into a big cult movie among “fans”.

I won’t go too much into the plot of the film as it’s really just a rip-off of The Birds. When a young software salesman and a pretty young model who used to go to school together meet at a diner, things may look bright for this future couple. Until, the town is suddenly attacked by really bad CGI birds who kill and even poop on everyone in sight.

Birdemic is the type of film that the Syfy channel would be embarrassed to play. It’s simply atrocious. There are errors in sound, effects, continuity, poorly acted, and amateurishly directed. Forget Ed Wood. Forget Dave “The Rock” Nelson. James Nguyen takes the cake for inept film making. While thousands of film makers, young and old, are shedding blood sweat and tears trying to get their movie shown by more than just their relatives, crap like Birdemic gets picked up and becomes an underground hit. Where is the justice?

Now, my question to the “fans” of Birdemic is this: was this movie made horribly on purpose? While James Nguyen (think of an Asian Tommy Wiseau) states on one of the many documentaries on the making of this movie that he took this film seriously, I cry “bullshit!”. I think Nguyen knew exactly what he wanted to make. He tried to make a cult film. He wanted to make a silly movie for the dim witted college crowd. And somehow, it worked. Maybe Nguyen is a fucking genius. In my opinion, you can’t set out to make a cult film or try and make a bad film that’s so bad, its fun. Nope, when one does that, they simply make a bad film that I personally despise. I have a soft spot for films that are bad but hold a sense of pride, these film makers and cast tried every bit of effort to make a decent film. This is why I will never call Plan 9 From Outer Space “the worst movie ever made”. Movies that try and copy Plan 9′s cult status or just the fact the movie is a mess done intentionally, are much worse. They are unforgivable.

But what do I know. Nguyen’s film has been playing all around the US in numerous cities where he performs a Q&A once the film has finished. Usually narrated/hosted by some obnoxious college kid with a theater filled with more obnoxious college kids, Nguyen loves talking about his film, calling it a “romantic thriller” and praising his cast and crew. You don’t fool me Nguyen. You are no hero. Anyone can make a shitty film. It takes real talent to try your best at making a great film and thus making a shitty film.

I suppose if you like Birdemic, you’ll be happy to know the blu ry is filled with extra features like Bguyen’s audio commentary, deleted scenes, trailers and plenty of make up footage and behind the scenes sequences. I can’t judge the picture or sound since they were both (intentionally) shot to look like shit.

According to imdb, Nguyen is working on Birdemic 2. I think I’d rather see a movie about this guy’s life and what his thoughts were while making Birdemic. That would make for a much better movie.

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆

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