Loose Screws (1985)

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Studio: Severin / CAVLoose Screws Cover

Theatrical Release: August 1985

Blu Ray Release: August 10, 2010

Director: Rafel Zielinski

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

Last month I posted my review of Screwballs which is still one of my favorite 80’s sex comedies. Screwballs, while as years had gone by was kind of forgotten, though at the time of the release it was a success. Roger Corman and producer Maurice Smith new they had to rush out and make a quick buck by doing a sequel. Returning in this “sequel” is director Rafel Zielinski and two of the actors from the first  film. What doesn’t return is the Looney Tune humor and style that made Screwballs stand out from all of the other 80’s sex comedies of the time.

At Beaver High, the end of the semester is about to happen and four misfit students (Brad Lovett, Steve Hardman, Hugh G. Rection, and Marvin Eatmore) who have failed the 12th grade four times in a row, just know they’ll be back next year. When Principal Hardbutt brings the four boys (use this word loosely as they all look like they are in their late 20’s) in to see him, he forces these lads to go to Coxwell Academy, a special school for trouble makers. As quickly as you can say “cue 80’s music”, these guys are already looking at naked girls and trying to get laid, while their mission in seeing the pretty French teacher Miss Mona Lott becomes an obsession.

Loose Screws is just a strange film if you try and compare this to Screwballs. Screwballs took place in the 1960’s while Loose Screws is definitely 80’s. Two of the same actors are back playing the same roles but are two completely different characters. So is this really a sequel? I am on the side that it really isn’t (even though “Screwballs II” is listed on the front of the blu ray and is even on the alternate cut of the film). Either way, pretty much the same jokes are rehashed but come off as not very funny. What happened to Zielinski’s frantic cartoon style direction? The film just plays along without a style, almost like most of the 80’s sex comedies that came out all around the same time.

Loose Screws does have its moments with a few jokes such as Hugh G. Rection’s special potion that can make women’s bathing suits disappear and one of the guys dressing up like a girl so he can sneak into the girls dormitory only to be caught once he leaves the toilet seat up. Moments like this do make the immature side of me laugh but one has to sit through ridiculous musical numbers and bland unfunny romantic moments to get to these bits of humor.

Severin’s blu ray of Screwballs, while the special features were great, was a disappointment in both picture and sound. Loose Screws actually looks outstanding and the picture is crystal clear. I was actually shocked at how good the blu ray looked and am quite surprised by the work they put into this release. We do get a few quick interviews with Smith and also the production manager on the film, another Zielinski commentary and also an International Version of the film (called Screwballs II: Loose Screws) which is a bit longer, running at 88 minutes.

While the film does contain plenty of boobs and a few dumb jokes that I did find funny, Loose Screws doesn’t distinguish itself from all of the other sex comedies that came out around that time. Severin does do its best to make this 27 year old film look great but one should just stick to the original classic and forget this “sequel”.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆


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