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Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt (2011)

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Killer Eye Halloween Haunt (2011) box coverCharles Band Presents Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt
Full Moon Features

Release: October 18, 2011
Directed by Charles Brand
Rated R

Review by Adam Bielawski

This is a sequel? I would not have known if I was not told.  If you do grab Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt to watch, just keep an eye for the movie within the movie, I guess that is the original being watched by the cast in this movie? Basically what I found out is that the original Killer Eye mission was to mate; however in the sequel I believe the Killer Eye just wants a quick look at some boobs and blow girls up. That’s  it… the whole movie… five girls, three sets of boobs, and they get blown up.  You would figure that all the girls would drop their tops in this flick, but that is not so; I believe only three did.  If you are in just for the eye candy; get your hand on the remote and work the forward and pause button. But if you do sit and watch this comedic flick, you might get a few laughs, a little bit of gore and some good looking T&A.  I found it somewhat bearable to watch.

Our story is about five girls who all have different attributes: the girl next door, the sleazy chick, the partier, the lesbien, and the one who crashes the party (you know the type “you can’t have a party without me” type).  It starts out with Jenny, the innocent girl next door who invites three of her friends, later joined by the party crasher, to help decorate her house for Halloween. This annual decorating event is some type of tradition that Jenna’s mother has, who also has some psychic connection with this holiday. The props are basically, the scary clown, babies with blood, and some other gore stuff.  So Jenna sets up an evening to help decorate.

When her friends arrive they did not know they were coming to work; quickly Jenna talks them into helping out by offering booze and so the girls are ready. Some additional activities come into play as well such as smoke, some nudity, lesbian action, (you know the regular stuff in this type of movie) all to help get the house decked out for a spooky Halloween. During the set up, Jenna’s mother calls to find out about the progress of getting the house ready and warns her not to touch her crystal ball. You know all the girls listened in and one of the girls gives a quick top down lap dance to the crystal ball… a nice scene filmed with a WIDE angle lens. After the young ladies get done getting all props set up they wind down with some drinks, smoke and a movie.

The movie they watch is the original Killer Eye which also comes as a packaged deal with a huge eye as if pulled out of an eye socket.  (I love such movie gimmicks to help sell films to add to one’s collection. I have the Ray Harryhausen collection; but missed buying the ” The Big Lebowski” with the bowling bowl when it came out a few years back…still bummed).

Anyhow,  there is some connection with this movie, the crystal ball and the prop killer eye doll that came in the box.  The rest is B movie history; the Killer Eye comes alive and blows up the girls one by one.  It has to be a challenge for a director to have a girl’s top come off magically, show the actresses goodies, blow the actress up, complimented with all the splatter to end with a good explosion.


Erica Rhodes (Jenna), Olivia Alexander (Giselle), Chelsea Edmundson (Rocky), Ariana Madix (Catalina), Lauren Furs (Kiana) and the mom Circus Szalweski (Crystal Ball voice).

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