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The Search for Dracula (1996)

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The Search for Dracula (1996) DocumentaryEcho Bridge Entertainment, New Dominion Pictures
Directed by Joe Wiecha

DVD Release: October 4, 2011
Not Rated

Review by Adam Bielawski 

This is a pretty decent documentary.  It’s not great but it’s not bad. It kept me engaged for about an hour.  The documentary is narrated by Eli Wallach and just shy of one hour at 50 minutes. Majority of the film clips used in this documentary are from the German film Nosferatu. As most people, when you mention Dracula Bela Lugosi comes to mind.  His photo is thrown in from time to time but I don’t think anything is from the original 1931 Dracula film by Universal Pictures. I just assume they could not get rights.  In addition to the documentary the DVD is bundled with the film “The Devil Bat” from 1940 starring Bela Lugosi; which is not a bad movie. The only thing I really did not like about this DVD is that there are no captions; but that is what you get for a couple of bucks.

The documentary takes you through a course in time from the origination of night stalkers who sucked blood, from bats, animals to humans, the Vampire.  Then we hit upon a bit of history with Romanian Prince Vlad the Impaler who ruled in the mid-fifteenth century. This is always a great story and on the History Channel from time to time. If you are interested about Vlad check out the movie “Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula” which came out around 2000. The Search of Dracula continues to current mainstream culture and how Dracula evolved since Bram Stroker’s novel hit the best seller list more than a hundred years ago.

Overall this is a pretty good documentary, as mentioned not the best but will keep you watching for the hour.  If you do not know too much about vampires, then give this DVD a chance. In addition to the documentary the movie “The Devil Bat” is bundled on to the DVD. It’s a real good film starring Bela Lugosi who plays a chemist seeking revenge on the people who fund his project.  Yes there is some comedy involved here… if we all could take out our frustrations on our bosses.  Lugosi invents an aftershave which he gives to his enemies (his employers) that attract a killer giant bat that he bred. Basically the bat kills the person who is wearing the scent. Revenge!

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