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What My Husband Doesn’t Know (2011)

0 Comments 03 November 2011

What My Husband Don't Know (2011)

Director: David E. Talbert
Home Release: October 27, 2011
Review by Wendy Simmons

What Your Husband Don’t Know, Can Get Someone Killed.

Every once and a while you come across a story about adultery that makes you feel for the adulterer and not condemn them. This is one of those times.

Stage play put to DVD “What Your Husband Doesn’t Know” engages us in the life of a loved and loving housewife, whose successful husband reluctantly neglects her.  Not only is quality time put on the backburner but sexual interactions are also strained; so when a young attractive man begins working in her home, sparks fly and she is now tangled in a web of deceit that she can only hope to end before she ruins the perfect life that she and her husband built.

Lea, played by singer Michelle Williams, is married to Franklin, played by Amen’s Clifton Davis. Lea knows thatFranklin has good intentions but the lack of affection and time pushes Lea into the arms of Paul, played by Brian White. With the guidance of her mother, Lea decides to end things with Paul; however his feelings quickly turned into an obsession. Lea has to now figure out how to stop Paul’s relentless approaches while trying to rekindle the flame that she and husband had throughout most of their marriage.

Lea confesses to her Pastor about the affair and ultimately her being forced to defend herself against Paul. While she narrates, we get the back-story of how a wife’s feelings of neglect can lead to a disastrous and possibly murderous ending.

This play, which was written directed and produced by David E. Talbert, wraps us into the drama of Lea’s life while allowing us to feel for her. I found this production to be very entertaining and captivating. I longed to see how Lea would be able to juggle a stalker and a loving husband.

There were a few musical numbers that I felt were not needed but it helped to showcase the talents of the cast.  It’s not all drama through the play…Lea’s best friend and live-in house guest provides plenty of comic relief. There’s also a twist that helps to tie up some loose ends and give validity to Lea’s mother’s adamant advice on ending the affair.

This desperate housewife turned fatal attraction will keep you glued to see how a wife gets out of a terrifying situation. Pick this DVD up and question what you would do in that situation.

I give it $$$

DVD will be available for purchase on November 1st exclusively at http://www.davidetalbert.com 

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