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Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong (2011)

Comments Off on Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong (2011) 13 October 2011


Studio: Full Moon Features

Theatrical Release: April 8, 2011

DVD Release: October 4, 2011

Not Rated

Review by James Klein

Yes, yours truly was at the opening of Evil Bong 3 back in April. The film opened up on a whopping 1 screen. According to imdb, it was Full Moon’s first theatrical film. Having never seen Evil Bong 1 or 2, it’s hard to compare this film with the others. However, I can compare this film to a huge steaming pile of shit although shit actually smells better.

This sorry excuse of a film is about some outer space bong that crash lands on Earth. When a deformed scary looking man take the bong into some herbal/new age store in California which happens to be owned by the heroes of the first few films, they realize that this bong is evil and if you smoke out of it, you get warped into another dimension. Throw in a ton of really bad pot jokes and vola, Evil Bong 3.

I am lucky in one aspect. I saw this film in 3-D and with a scratch n sniff card. I do appreciate Charles Band’s attempt at pulling a William Castle and making the experience fun but… he made Evil Bong 3. While the 3-D effects were decent and the scratch n sniff card was an interesting choice, the film was just pure torture to sit through. I can have fun with bad movies but when they are made bad on purpose and try too hard to be funny or clever or cool, I lose interest fast. Not only was the acting awful and awful on purpose, the effects look like something a kid did on his computer.

While watching the film it looks as if the entire movie was made on three sets. Aside from the other dimension and the new age store, the characters don’t go anywhere! They just stand around and talk! Not only is this film bad but it is downright boring! And we don’t get any good kills or nudity aside from a few topless outer space women who are painted blue or green. Colored boobies are just not real boobies, sorry Charlie.

I know Charles Band isn’t considered this great film maker but he is a good producer and showman and I expected better form the man who gave us Troll, The Puppet Master, and Ghoulies. Meeting the producer/director in the past, he was a nice man and very good to his fans. But I can’t help saying that this film sucks, no matter how high you are! What’s worse, you now get a non 3-D version on DVD.

If you are a stoner and want something to watch, go grab any Cheech & Chong film. In fact, an infomercial about toe nail clippers is more entertaining than Evil Bong 3.

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