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Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (1995)

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Studio: Echo Bridge Entertainment

DVD Release: May 10, 2011 (Echo Bridge Release)


Review by James Klein

Am I missing something? Am I not getting it? I don’t understand how there can be so many Children of the Corn films. I am dying to meet the sad sap who is a fan of these films. Is it because Stephen King’s name is attached or do they honestly find these films frightening and entertaining? Either way, the third time is NOT the charm when it comes to the second sequel in the Children of the Corn franchise.

The film opens with Joshua and Eli being chased by their drunken father. When he catches up with the youngest son Eli, he is turned into a scarecrow. Yeah…that’s how the film opens. The cornfield comes to life and turns dad into a scarecrow. The film wastes no time in being stupid.

Somehow Eli and Joshua are being taken in by new foster parents who live in Chicago. These kids look and dress much like Amish boys (Joshua even gets the nickname “Amish”) so we instantly get the fish out of water humor by having these kids interact with the Windy City. While Joshua tries to become friends with kids at school (we get a thrilling scene of him playing basketball with some urban teens that dig his moves) Eli wants nothing to do with these people and builds a cornfield in the back of the house, resurrecting The Thing That Walks in the Rows or whatever the hell its called.

As stepmom starts to get the feeling that Eli isn’t right in the head, she soon is one of the first to get knocked off. Her death is a bit interesting and kind of gross (although it may have been ripped off from the original My Bloody Valentine). But when a guidance counselor catches her face on fire in a really bad effect involving early computer effects, the film just goes downhill from there. Screaming Mad George’s make up effects range from decent to Beetlejuice-looking, thus shifting the tone from serious horror to borderline fantasy. In fact, Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest could almost pass for a PG-13 rating as there is little language and no nudity whatsoever. Even the tough inner-city kids are hilariously bad and would pass off as nerds if they went to my high school back in the day.

I can’t say this is worse than Children of the Corn II as I didn’t care much for that one either. The acting was fine and like I said, there is a kill or two that was interesting. Still, you are better off finding another horror film to watch.

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