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Beer League (2006)

0 Comments 12 July 2011


Studio: Echo Bridge Entertainment

Theatrical Release: September 15, 2006

Blu Ray Release: April 1, 2008


Review by James Klein

If you are in the mood for a family friendly comedy that is both wholesome and yet makes you happy while the credits roll, you need to look somewhere else. In fact, go f–k yourself. Now, if you want a hilarious, racist, sexist comedy that has enough nudity, drug use, and more colorful four letter words than the entire Porky’s trilogy, Beer League is your movie. In fact, if you are a guy, you should like Beer League. Any movie with Ralph Macchio being raped by a bunch of naked women at a bar should be a must see in everyone’s book.

Artie Lang stars as Artie, (not much thought there) a drunken, fat, obnoxious slob who only enjoys one thing in life: playing softball with the guys and then getting drunk or high after the game…and sometimes even during. Artie’s best friend Maz (Ralph Macchio) is getting married and its up to Artie to throw the bachelor party even though his best friend is marrying into a family that despises Artie. Can Artie get his team to win the championship softball league, get the girl, and show his arch nemesis who the best man really is? If you care about the plot, you just don’t get this movie. The movie is built around some of the raunchiest and politically incorrect jokes around and I admit, I couldn’t stop laughing. But one must enjoy Artie Lang’s shocking humor and get the many New York jokes thrown about (the film was shot near Giants stadium and the entire cast is almost all Italian) to really have fun with the movie.

For all of you guys that laugh at racist jokes, homophobic jokes, sexist jokes, sports jokes, religious jokes and drug jokes…look no further.  And for all of you who don’t find these type of jokes funny or are easily offended, don’t even bother with Beer League and enjoy another helping of cock.

The blu ray by Echo Bridge is also great as the film has never looked this clear and the blu ray contains all of the special features that were on the DVD set. This is a must purchase blu ray and should be in every dude’s catalog of films.

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