The Inheritance (2011)

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The Inheritance (2011) movie coverImage Entertainment, Duly Noted and Queen Nefertari Productions
Home Release: April 12, 2011
Director: Robert O’Hara
Not Rated

Review by Wendy Simmons

Don’t Sacrifice for the Inheritance, Skip It

The Inheritance is a horror film trying to combine history with fright.

What was meant to be an impromptu winter family reunion morphed into a sacrificial ceremony. In the beginning of the film we are introduced to what appears to be a plantation enslaved family. No words, just images. Later, we are given the history of that family and how they sacrificed their children for a resurrected man named Chakabazz.  Chakabazz promised freedom and prosperity in exchange of chosen children. Because of the favorable outcome of this rite to freedom, the family continued this practice in order to maintain their wealth.

This leads us to the weekend where spirits and surprised bloody writings on walls terrify the new lambs of sacrifice. Trying to escape their fate proved to be an futile bout with destiny filled with confusion and a last minute email to tell the story of their weekend and their ultimate demise.

The film stars Golden Brooks of the sitcom Girlfriends. It was refreshing to see a horror film with an all black cast. However, too many inaudible scenes and not enough background left me confused and frustrated with the hour and 20 minutes that I kept hope alive, wishing that this all black scary movie would surprise me. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

I give it $$

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