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Mr. Immortality: The Life and Times of Twista (2011)

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Mr. Immortality: The Life and Times of Twista (2011)Mr. Immortality: The Life and Times of Twista (2011)
Studio: 101 Distributions (EMI)
Home Release Date: January 11, 2011
Director: Vlad Yudin
Not Rated
Genre: Music, Hip Hop
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by Wendy Simmons

Mr. Immortal Will Undoubtedly Live On

In the documentary, Mr. Immortality: The Life and Times of Twista, rap legend Twista, from the hard streets of Chicago, gives us a glimpse of his life behind his gift for speedy lyricism. Twista allows us to ride along and witness the raw reality of how this relatively shy talent really looks at his life, career and the city he calls home.

Twista, formerly known as Tongue Twista, gained world renowned famed by being one of the only Chicago based rappers to make it “big time”. With his record breaking speed for rapping, he placed himself on the map way back in the early 90s. From the days of rap battling in school and in basements, Twista prepared himself for greatness simply because he didn’t want to lose. He would lyrically destroy any competitor that challenged him.

Even after multiple gold records and countless big hits, people and critics continuously try to count Twista out but he always prevails. After leaving Atlantic Records in 2007 he has once again regained praise with his latest project under his own label GMG Entertainment. The documentary is laced with his new music. Giving us the latest example of why Twista has such longevity in the rap game.

Twista is a very humble guy, unlike most in the music industry, and he views it as a gift and a curse. A curse because media rarely focuses on a man that is not making noise. But now we get to know the Twista that isn’t on the magazine cover. The Twista that is humble enough to let his music speak for him.

While watching the documentary we hear testimonies from everyone from producer Scott Storch to R&B singer Neyo to Chicago’s own Rep. Danny Davis. They praise Twista for his talent and longevity.  We get to see the very home that Twista grew up as well as the gritty and tough Westside streets of Chicago. His brothers describe how he was focused on his success which deterred him from a life on the streets. According to Twista he was more afraid of his strong mother than anything a gang could throw at him.

Unfortunately though, many Chicago youths have fallen victim to gang violence. Twista talks about the unbelievable violence that is taken place in his home town. He remembers performing in Iraq and hearing that at that very moment, there were more killings in Chicago than in Iraq. He was floored by the immense violence and the many high school and elementary school students that were victims of these senseless shootings.

Twista speaks candidly throughout the entire documentary. And he even allows us to witness his marijuana habit. I was captivated at how a man with such a speedy tongue could smoke marijuana at any given time of the day, consistently. But that is only a part of Twista’s whirlwind life on the road. He makes an effort to stop and greet fans along the way.

If you listen to Twista’s latest rap songs, you will notice that he has slowed it down a bit for a better understanding. The flows may have slowed but not his motivation to succeed and to continue to represent Chicago to the fullest.

This is a captivating yet simple documentary that allows you to travel along with a rap legend. Rap fan or not, this documentary will keep your interest and will give you on appreciation for a side of Chicago that is rarely ever seen in a positive light.

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