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Twice Told Tales (1963)

0 Comments 17 October 2010

Twice Told Tales (1963)

Twice Told Tales (1963)MGM Studios/United Artists
Theatrical Release Date: September 1963
Director: Sidney Salkow

Review by James Klein

Ahh, I have returned to the anthology film. It’s still one of my favorite types of movies and Vincent Price was in many back in the 1960’s. He and Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing were in numerous horror anthology films. Most would be based on either Edger Allen Poe or H.P. Lovecraft stories. This time I have watched Twice Told Tales based on the works by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

There are three short tales of suspense and mystery. The first is “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment” about two old friends who dabble in the black arts to regain their youth. The second is “Rappacini’s Daughter” about a mad scientist who has conducted an evil experiment on his own daughter. The last one is “House of the Seven Gables” about a family curse.

The problem with this film is that the first two stories are pretty bland. Think of the weakest episodes of Twilight Zone or Amazing Stories and that is what you get with the first two stories. The first one is especially boring which makes little sense to me since you would want a more action oriented tale to suck the viewer in. The second tale is more predictable, thus making the film dull. It doesn’t help that the acting by the main hero downright sucks in this. The last story is by far the best but only because it is more of a horror story set in a haunted house. Price is especially good here playing a villian.

I didn’t dislike the film but I wouldn’t really recommend it either. The trailer to the movie shows almost the entire film and it’s best parts. Maybe watch that instead.

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