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Madagascar (2005)

0 Comments 14 June 2005

Madagascar (2005)DreamWorks Animation LLC
Theatrical Release Date: May 27, 2012 (USA)
Director: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath
Rated PG-13

Review by Dan Hansen

Four animals from the New York City Zoo find themselves on a ship to Madagascar. If I had little ones I definitely would take them. It was a little creepy without my son (21 years old). Although even at 21, I think he’d like it. I could have rented a few kids but it was fun anyway.

There’s nothing like a road trip and a pretty funny one at that. I was surprised at how enjoyable this picture was. Alex the Lion ( Ben Stiller), Marty the Zebra ( Chris Rock), Gloria the Hippo ( Jada Pinkett Smith), and the melodramatic and hypochondriac Melman the Giraffe ( David Schwimmer) are off to Africa on what turns out to be a wild adventure. What’s even more amazing was the fact it all started with the Zebra having a mid-life crisis and his friends trying to save him from himself. I know I can relate to that and that’s what makes for good screenwriting. Oh yeah, can’t forget the (almost Three Stooges) funny penguins, who work with SWAT team efficiency and give Marty the idea that freedom is possible.

I think it’s good kid’s movie and it was fun listening to them say, “I’m Alex” or “I’m the Zebra.” What was even cuter was listening to kids sing one of the songs and dancing around. On the other hand, It reaches adults on some level and I have to admit I was hummin’ that tune myself and had a little smile on my face. It reminded me of the old Bob Hope and Bing Crosby “Road Movies.”

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